Kathleen Doogan Death And Obituary: How Did Daniel O’Donnell Sister Die?

Viewers can observe several headlines around Daniel O’Donnell’s Sister Kathleen Doogan’s Death after she suddenly died of a heart attack at 67. 

The internet is flooded with tributes after Kathlene’s death; Daniel O’Donnell’s Sister’s beloved sister died at 67 on February 3, 2023.

The MBE recipient Daniel is an established Irish singer, television presenter and Philanthropist famed for his close relationship with his fanbase and charismatic and engaging stage presence.

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The singer is widely considered a “cultural icon” in Ireland’s Music Industry and was described as a mix of country and Irish folk. He has sold over ten million records.

The legendary singer is affectionately nicknamed “Wee Daniel” and called the prominent ambassador of his hometown Donegal.

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Kathleen Doogan’s Death And Obituary

Following Kathleen’s demise, the established singer sang several hymns throughout the funeral mass in Irish and English, according to Irish Mirror.

Daniel’s sister reminisced as a force of nature who talked his mind at her funeral mass in Co Donegal. 

Records show hundreds of mourners attended the funeral of Kathleen ‘Bosco’ Doogan (nee O’Donnell), who died suddenly at her home in Kincasslagh on February 3, 2023.

Kathleen Doogan Death
Kathleen Doogan was a well-known figure and previously ran the Viking House Hotel in Kincasslagh with her husband John. (Source: Mirror)

Daniel accompanied his siblings Margo, John Bosco and James during Kathleen’s funeral as they carried their late sister into St Mary’s Church on February 6, 2023.

After Kathleen’s demise, her sister, Margo, was seen clutching a framed picture of her late sister. 

Looking at his records, Funeral Mass is on Monday at 11 am in St Mary’s Church Kincasslagh, with an interment in Belcruit Cemetery.

In addition to his siblings, Kathleen in the funeral procession was her husband John, sons John Francis and Daniel, daughters Tricia and Fiona and her beloved grandchildren.

How Did Daniel O’Donnell’s Sister Die?

Per Mirror, Daniel’s sister might die of a suspected heart attack. Before her death, her Father also died of a heart attack.

Donegal singer claimed admirers observed “no warning” before Kathleene’s sister died of a suspected heart attack.

During the funeral session, the singer sang several hymns throughout the mass in both Irish and English, including Lady of Knock and his song, Beyond The Rainbow’s End.

Kathleen Doogan Death
Daniel O’Donnell and family members carry the remains of his beloved sister Kathleen at St Mary’s Church, Kincasslagh(Source: Mirror)

While paying tribute to his sister, Daniel became emotional, and his voice wavering was heard while singing.

Daniel O’Donnell’s Sister Kathleen was survived by her husband John, sons John Francis and Daniel, and daughters Tricia and Fiona.

The singer was particularly close to Kathleen, according to family friends.

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Daniel O’Donnell Family: How Many Siblings Does He Have?

Daniel, the MBE recipient, was born in and brought up in the village of Kincasslagh, in The Rosses district in the west of County Donegal, Ireland.

The legendary singer was reared as the youngest of a Roman Catholic family, with his parents, Julia (née McGonagle) and Francis O’Donnell.

Following his sister’s demise, fans are keen about Daniel’s siblings. He has three siblings, John, Margaret and James, apart from Kathleen.

The Philanthropist developed his love for music during his school days and performed in the local religious choir. Later, he considered pursuing a career in banking.

His elder sister, Margo, is also a renowned Irish singer who gained immense popularity during the 1960s in the country music scene and had a long career in Ireland.

Daniel went to Galway to pursue business studies; however, he never settled down and joined his sister Margo’s band. 

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