Joseph Eaton Arrested For Killing His Parents David Eaton And Cynthia Eaton

Police arrested Joseph Eaton in Bowdoin, Maine, for the murder of his parents and two family friends, and charged him with four counts of murder.

Joseph Eaton, 34, has been charged with murder in connection with the alleged shooting that killed his parents and two family friends in Bowdoin, Maine.

A day before the tragic event, Eaton took to Facebook to share his struggles and question why some people who call themselves Christians are unable to forgive or understand others.

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Ms. Eaton, recently released from prison, posted several messages on Facebook about her challenge and desire for forgiveness.

He is also suspected of shooting and killing three others on Interstate 295 before being arrested. Eaton is scheduled to appear in Sebas District Court on Thursday on murder charges.

Joseph Eaton arrested for killing his parents

Joseph Eaton was arrested on Tuesday, April 18, 2023 and charged with four counts of murder.

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Investigators are investigating the Boden site where law enforcement officials say Joseph Eaton murdered four people, including his parents. (Source:

Her parents Cynthia Eaton, 62, and David Eaton, 66, and friends Robert Eager, 72, and Patricia Eager, 62, were killed.

State Police Colonel Bill Ross said Eaton confessed to killing his parents and a friend and shooting a vehicle on Interstate 295.

Ross said Eaton shot and killed a passing driver after he claimed he was being followed.

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The victim’s body was found at Mr. Eggles’s home in Bowdoin, Maine, and a concerned friend called 911 after the couple could not be contacted.

Joseph Eaton’s Extensive Criminal History

Arrested for the murders of his parents and a friend, Joseph Eaton had a criminal record in 2008 in three states: Maine, Florida and Kansas.

Joseph arrested
CBS News reports that Joseph Eaton is accused of shooting four people in Bowdoin, Maine. (sauce: twitter)

Convicted felony, as prison and court records show, he was convicted of aggravated assault, domestic violence assault, assaulting a law enforcement officer, and concealed possession of a firearm.

Maine police initially identified Eaton as a Bowdoin resident, but a background check revealed that his last address was at the Maine State Penitentiary in Warren.

In March 2022, Eaton was convicted of felony assault in prison and sentenced to eight months in prison.

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Prior to that, he was convicted of assault involving aggravated assault, DUI and domestic violence in Maine.

Joseph Eaton’s Mental Health History

In 2017, Joseph Eaton was tested for mental health, substance abuse, and domestic violence, according to Florida court records.

During the evaluation, Eaton revealed that he was being treated for PTSD and bipolar disorder. According to doctors’ reports, Eaton had a history of aggressive and violent behavior towards his ex-wife, which appeared to be linked to his drinking and controlling tendencies.

Eaton’s frequent temper tantrums and aggressive behavior towards his ex-wife suggested that he was obsessed with her. The court recommended that Eaton attend weekly AA meetings or a recovery program and complete a 26-week perpetrator intervention program.

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These suggestions suggest that Eaton had a history of mental health and substance abuse problems and a propensity for violent behavior, which may have contributed to his recent murder and shooting allegations.

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