Jordan Neely Video: Daniel Penny Arrest And Charge: Is He In Jail?

This tragic incident, captured on video by Jordan Neely, reportedly covered the tragic incident in which Daniel Penny strangled Neely to death.

Retired US Marine Daniel Penney has been charged with manslaughter after he suffocated subway passenger Jordan Neely.

In an interview, Penny denied the lynching allegations, strongly denied any ties to white supremacists, and claimed to be a normal human being.

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However, his defense did not express personal regret over the death of Jordan Neely, a 30-year-old black man who suffered from mental illness and homelessness.

Penny, 24, expressed deep sorrow at the loss of life and acknowledged the tragic situation. But the lack of personal remorse over Jordan Neely’s death raises her concerns.

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Joe Danny’s Video: What Happened?

This video of the tragic incident involving Jordan Neely provides a harrowing account of the events.

Witnesses said Neely was screaming about his desperate situation and expressing hunger and exhaustion.

“I have no food, I have no drink, I have had enough. I don’t care if I go to prison or life in prison. I am ready to die.” rice field.

Video shot by a freelance journalist on the subway shows retired US Marine Daniel Penny strangling Neely. Witnesses said Neely was trying to get away from Penny by waving his hand.

The video shows Penny remaining choked for several minutes before finally releasing Neely, who lies motionless on the subway floor.

video of jordanelli
Jordan Neely’s video shows Daniel Penny wrapping his arms around Neely’s neck and wrapping his legs around Neely’s waist and thighs from behind. (Source: USA TODAY)

This isn’t the first time Penny has used this dangerous restraint on Neely, and has held him in a similar manner before the documented incident.

Authorities responded to the 911 call. They reported a physical altercation at the MTA’s Broadway-Lafayette station.

When they arrived, they found Neely unconscious and unresponsive. Tragically, he was later pronounced dead at Lenox Hill Hospital in Greenwich Village.

The dire circumstances of Neely’s death raised questions about the lack of support or intervention during the 15-minute attack.

Attorney Donte Mills said at a press conference that he held the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) accountable for the need for an answer for its failure to provide help and assistance to those subjected to such a long and brutal attack. emphasized.

Daniel Penney Arrested and Charged – Is He In Prison?

Former U.S. Marine Daniel Penney, 24, charged with manslaughter for decapitating Jordan Neely, has been released on bail.

The charges stem from an incident in which Penny strangled Neely, a 30-year-old black homeless man, during an argument on a subway train on May 1. If convicted, Penny could face up to 15 years in prison for her actions.

The New York Police Department initially provided limited information about the suffocation incident and the circumstances leading up to the arrival of law enforcement.

It took nearly two weeks for prosecutors to announce a second-degree manslaughter charge against Penny.

The unusual delay has drawn criticism, and Neely’s family attorney, Lennon Edwards, stressed that the release of suspects involved in the death was unusual, especially when video evidence and confessions existed.

video of jordanelli
After the tragic strangulation of Jordan Neely, protesters took to the streets demanding justice and an end to police brutality (Credit: USA TODAY)

The judge posted $100,000 bail and released Penny on the condition that she surrender her passport and obtain permission to leave New York. Neely’s father was informed by the district attorney that he could face charges in June.

Penny’s attorney, Thomas Kenniff, argued that Penny had no intention of harming Neely and was handling the situation with the integrity and honor befitting a U.S. Marine.

Penny is scheduled to appear in court on July 17. To confirm a conviction of second-degree manslaughter in New York, the jury must find that the defendant acted recklessly, consciously ignored the danger of death, and was found to have acted in similar circumstances by a person who would have acted in similar circumstances. You must certify that you were away

A lawyer representing Neely’s family said Penny and Neely didn’t know each other until they met on the train.

The case received widespread attention and highlighted the need to address violence and the importance of prompt and thorough legal proceedings.

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