John Roberts Family: Who Killed Him? John the Badge Murder Case Update

The family of John Robert has pleaded with anyone with information about his murder to come forward.

John Roberts, a devoted Newcastle United supporter, was discovered dead in his Winlaton home ten years ago.

On December 16, 2012, John “The Badge” Roberts’ body was discovered at his Gateshead residence. However, ten years later, no one has yet been held accountable for the brutal murder in Winlaton.

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John’s death investigation has taken several unexpected turns, with suspects being detained but ultimately released without being charged.

John Roberts Family: Who Killed Him?

In 2012, John “The Badge” Roberts’ body was discovered at his Winlaton residence, and his family is clueless about who killed him.

John’s mother, Jennifer Roberts, pleaded with those who knew who killed him to come forward so they could stop someone from killing him again on the first anniversary of his passing.

The last known movements of the murder of John The Badge Roberts (Source:

A discovery led to one of Tyneside’s largest-ever murder investigations. To finally solve a murder mystery, detectives have appealed to the conscience of a murderer.

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John “The Badge” Roberts, a devoted Newcastle United supporter, was discovered dead in his Gateshead home four years ago today. Top cop Lisa Theaker now claims that the murderer may have told friends or family about their secret.

Her remarks come as detectives looking into the unsolved death issue a fresh plea for assistance to find his killer.

What Happened To John the Badge?

On Sunday evening, December 16, 2012, Winlaton Police officers on patrol noticed the door to the 32-year-Park old’s Terrace home had been left open and went to investigate. They later discovered his body. 

The die-hard Newcastle United supporter was discovered in his living room and died from severe head injuries.

A murder investigation was started, and it has since grown to be one of the largest ones that Northumbria Police detectives have worked on.

Following his death, John’s photograph was distributed to a large crowd of Newcastle United supporters at St. James’ Park as Police investigated the idea that the Toon Army might hold the key to solving the murder.

John, a Father of one, was last seen alive when he went to the Kandola Store nearby his home in Winlaton to buy cigarette papers at around 6.30 pm on December 13, 2012.

On match days, he earned his nickname by selling pin badges outside the Tyneside Irish Centre, close to St. James’ Park. However, it is still unknown what transpired in the days that passed between his leaving the shop and when his body was discovered.

John the Badge Murder Case Update

In the hope that someone, somewhere, might have important information that could help identify those responsible for his death, the detective in charge of the investigation is now, four years after it happened, making a new appeal for information.

The murder of John Roberts is still under investigation, according to Northumbria Police Detective Chief Inspector Lisa Theaker, and it never will be until the perpetrators are apprehended.

John cctv
CCTV still image of John ‘The Badge’ Roberts (Source:

She also said that since John’s death was committed four years ago, a lot has changed, and the person responsible may now be in a very different situation.

More than 3,000 houses in the Winlaton area have also been visited by detectives seeking information. Additionally, they took the unusual step of using an Actor to film a reconstruction of John’s last known movements.

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Although several people have been detained and questioned, no one has yet been accused of killing John, and all of the suspects have been informed that no further action will be taken against them.

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