John Hadl Family And Wife Diane Mourn Loss of Their Loved One

John Hadl’s family and wife, Diane, mourn after his death at the age of 82.

John Hadl, a longtime NFL quarterback who made six Pro Bowl appearances and was named to the All-Pro team, passed away on Wednesday. Before his professional career, Hadl had played for his hometown Kansas Jayhawks. He was 82.

Before Dan Fouts helped put the San Diego Chargers on the map in the late 1970s and early 1980s, quarterback John Hadl was instrumental in getting the franchise off to a good start.

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He established himself as one of the better signal-callers in the old American Football League. He performed admirably after the league folded and merged with the National Football League.

In the pass-crazy AFL, Hadl led an impressive vertical game, throwing deep to receivers like Lance Alworth and Gary Garrison. Hadl was a punter in addition to being a quarterback.

John Hadl Family Mourns Over His Death: What Happened?

Hadl’s death was announced by the University in a statement, citing his family. Hadl returned to the school after playing to serve as a coach and fundraiser. The reason wasn’t stated.

John Hadl death
John Hadl obituary (Source:

Travis Goff, the athletic director for the Jayhawks, claimed that Kansas football was changed forever by John Hadl. Hadl was described as a once-in-a-lifetime Jayhawk student-athlete, coach, mentor, prolific fundraiser who formed close bonds with countless people, and the ultimate representative of K.U.

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He continued by saying that John had changed their University and athletic program, and his legacy would live forever. They sent their wife Diana, the Hadl family, and their sincere prayers.

John Hadl Family Background: Where Did He Grow Up?

On February 15, 1940, John Willard Hadl was born in Lawrence, Kansas, one of the state’s largest cities. His parents, Jess Hadl and Judy McNish Hadl gave birth to him.

He began his career as a star at Lawrence High School before moving back to Lawrence to play at the University of Kansas.

Football players frequently played multiple positions past the high school level back then. Hadl would succeed in doing so, and his outstanding performance in all areas propelled him into the Jayhawk’s record books.

John Hadl twitter
Former NFL Star Quarterback John Hadl’s death (Source: Twitter)

First-year students couldn’t participate in varsity sports back then, but his legend took off once Hadl began his sophomore Campaign in 1959.

He initially played halfback, but that year he also tried his hand at quarterback, punter, punt returner, defensive back, and other positions. Even Deion Sanders, the football player regarded as the most versatile of the 1990s, could not match that level of versatility while playing for Florida State University.

John Hadl Wife Diana: Who Are Their Children?

John was married to his wife Diana, who was born in Texas. John and Jackie are their two children.

There is no personal information available about his wife and children. Diana and their children are currently mourning John’s passing.

Hadl was a two-sport standout at Lawrence High School, just a short drive from the University of Kansas campus, but he made his name on the football field for the Jayhawks. He led the NCAA in punting as a sophomore, set a record for the longest punt of 94 yards, and held the record for longest interception return with a 98-yarder until 2007.

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Instead of flowers, the family requests that memorials be made to the John Hadl Football Legacy Fund, c/o K.U. Endowment, P.O. Box 928, Lawrence, KS 66044, or sent to Warren-McElwain Mortuary, 120 W. 13th Street, Lawrence, KS 66044.

His family wishes to express gratitude to the Pioneer Ridge staff for the care given to John.

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