Jill Dando Death Cause; Who Killed Her? Net Worth Before Death

Since the search for the Yorkshire Ripper, the death of the BBC presenter Jill Dando has prompted the most significant criminal inquiry. Find out Jill Dando death cause.

Jill Dando was an English Journalist, newsreader, and television presenter. Dando worked with the BBC for most of her career, winning 1997’s Personality of the Year award.

Her television employment at the time of her death included presenting Crimewatch on BBC One with Nick Ross.

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Jill was shot dead outside her home in Fulham, southwest London, on April 26, 1999. The case led to the most considerable murder investigation by the Metropolitan Police and the most extensive criminal investigation in the nation since the search for the Yorkshire Ripper.

Barry George, a local man, was found guilty of the murder and sentenced to prison, but after serving eight years in prison, Barry was acquitted after an appeal and a new trial. Despite having passed away in 2000, the Serbian “warlord” Arkan was listed as a suspect in 2012.

Jill Dando Death Cause: Who Killed The BBC Presenter?

Jill was shot once in the head outside her Fulham, Southwest London home. The shooting occurred on April 26, 1999, at about 11.30 am. Jill was believed to have died instantly.

About 14 minutes later, a neighbor found her body with her keys still in hand. Dando was brought to the adjacent Charing Cross Hospital, where at 1:03 pm, she was declared dead.

Jill Dando death
Barry George, wrongfully convicted of killing TV host Jill Dando, served eight years in prison. (Source: The Mirror)

This is believed to be the lone sighting of her alleged killer, who was described as being tall and roughly 40 when he was seen walking away from the scene by her next-door neighbor. Police interviewed 2,000 potential suspects and took thousands of statements, but only one was ever brought to trial.

Barry George was detained for Dando’s murder on May 25, 2000, and charged on May 29. George resided less than half a mile from Dando’s House.

More than two years after Dando was fatally shot outside her home, on July 2, 2001, George was found guilty following a trial at the Old Bailey by a 10 to 1 majority decision. He received a life in-prison sentence.

After serving eight years in prison, George had his conviction overturned in 2007, and a year later, following a retrial, Barry was found not guilty of the crime. George sought £1.4 million in damages for “wrongful confinement,” but his claim was rejected.

More Theories Regarding Jill Dando Death

Jill Dando’s murder is the subject of various theories, some of which are more plausible than others. According to one of the ideas, Jill was slain by a Serbian hitman who killed the broadcaster in retaliation for the West supporting Kosovo in its conflict with Serbia.

Dando spearheaded a BBC Kosovo plea for people fleeing ethnic violence in the Balkans less than three weeks before she was assassinated. Within a day, the appeal raised more than £1 million.

Jill Dando death
Jill Dando’s murder case is yet to be solved. (Source: VICE)

This notion gained support from Dando’s murder technique, which suggested that a professional had carried out the execution-style killing while being able to slink away undetected. In the 2001 trial, the prosecution rejected the theory.

Other versions contend that a hitman from the London underworld or an ardent fan assassinated her in retaliation for her involvement with Crimewatch. However, Jill Dando’s murder has never been solved.

Jill Dando Net Worth Before Death

According to her Wikipedia page, Jill Dando’s estate had a gross value of £1,181,207; after debts and taxes, it was worth £863,756; and after inheritance tax, it was worth £607,000, all of which went to her Father because Dando passed away intestate.

Nick Ross, a co-host of Dando, proposed creating an academic institute in her honor, and Nick and her fiance Alan Farthing donated close to £1.5 million.

On April 26, 2001, the second anniversary of her death, University College London established the Jill Dando Institute of Crime Science.


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