Jennifer Williams Net Worth : Career & Charity

Jennifer Williams is one of Hollywood’s famous American actresses who has a net worth of $25 million.

Jennifer Williams is a businesswoman and real estate agent.

She will no doubt be remembered for the first four seasons of the VH1 TV show The Basketball Wife.

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Jennifer Williams
Jennifer Williams (Source: Pinterest)

Jennifer is an only child and attends Columbia High School.

After high school, he attended the University of Maryland, where he earned a BA in Political Science.


Let’s take a closer look at Jennifer Williams

full name Jennifer Williams
nickname Jennifer
date of birth September 17, 1974
place of birth south orange, new jersey
right of residence Los Angeles, California
Year 48 years old
Country of Citizenship American
Race mix
religion Christianity
sex woman
libido straight
Horoscope Virgo
marital status divorce
ex-husband Eric Williams
weight 60kg
expensive 5 feet 7 inches
hair color black
eye color brown (she wears colored contact lenses)
educate Bachelor
school columbia high school
university University of Maryland
Profession Businessman, TV personality, real estate agent
arrangement transparent cosmetics
Social media Instagram
net worth $25 million
latest update July 2023

Jennifer Williams | Net Worth and Salary

Hollywood’s beloved actress Jennifer Williams has a net worth of $25 million as of 2023.

Actors around the world make most of their income from regular acting jobs, but many also make investments. However, not everyone can invest wisely.

Jennifer Williams is known for managing money.

She made her fortune selling luxury real estate in New Jersey. Likewise, the launch of her women’s fitness studio and her marriage to NBA player Eric Williams has further increased her net worth.

Jennifer worked hard and amassed a huge fortune. In addition to her reality TV career, she is also a successful entrepreneur.

Jennifer is also believed to have received up to $30 million as part of the divorce settlement.

The actress was paid $300,000 a season for being cast in “The Basketball Wives,” and earns an additional $40,000 per reunion show.

Jennifer Williams net worth in various currencies

Let’s find out Jennifer Williams net worth in various currencies including Bitcoin

currency net worth
EUR EUR 21,196,125
GBP GBP 18,122,875
Australian dollar Australian dollar 33,976,250
Canadian Dollar Canadian Dollar 31,366,375
indian rupee $ 1,860,737,500
Bitcoin ฿ Chapter 654

Jennifer Williams | Houses, Cars & Airplanes, Yachts, Clocks

jennifer williams house

The real estate queen already lives in Boston, San Antonio. She is also the owner of several high-end luxury homes in Miami Beach and Toronto.

She also invests heavily in real estate.

There is no doubt that her home is gorgeous and has everything you would normally need in a mansion.

She usually lives in Boston. But she loves traveling to Toronto, where she likes to experience the old town vibe.

She spent a lot of money on her current house. She said it was her dream home and she always wanted to buy it.

Jennifer has yet to reveal the price of her home.

jennifer williams car

Ms. Williams has always shared photos of her car collection frequently.

Her collection of cars is a true reflection of her love for a luxurious lifestyle.

Recently, her Range Rover was stolen. It attracted a lot of media attention.

Jennifer and her car
Jennifer and her car (Source:

The car alone cost over $125,000.

Jennifer also bought a BMW and is proud of it. She also bought another Range Rover for her collection and she loves to carry it everywhere.

Her car collection must have been well over a million.

jennifer williams bag

Many female celebrities are showing off their bag collections, which may be why so many luxury brands are turning a profit.

Our Jennifer Williams is no stranger to this either.

Jennifer and her bag
Jennifer with her bag (Source:

She regularly releases beautiful bag collections that her fans seem to love.

Jennifer Williams’ most decorative collection of bags includes Versace, Louis Vuitton and Valentino.

Jennifer Williams | Lifestyle and Holidays

jennifer williams lifestyle

Jennifer Williams grew up in an affluent neighborhood and is used to the finer things in life.

In fact, she was an only child growing up in the upscale neighborhood of South Orange, New Jersey.

She’s always wanted her life to be private and private, but her celebrity status makes that even more difficult.

Three years ago Jennifer Williams married Eric Williams. The two met in 2000.

After dating for six years, the couple married in the Bahamas in 2007.

Jennifer Williams shares photos before hitting the streets
Jennifer Williams (Jennifer Williams) shared a photo before going to town (Source:

However, after a constant feud, the couple filed for divorce in 2010 and parted amicably.

Some time later, Jennifer started dating CMG Entertainment’s Cisco Rosado. However, the two broke up in 2014.

Williams met OWN’s “Welcome to Sugar Pie” star Tim Norman. However, she ended up filing a domestic violence complaint against Tim.

he keeps chasing her. Tim was given a 40-foot restraining order that he must not violate or face jail time.

Jennifer Williams on vacation

Smart and talented actress Jennifer Williams loves to travel the world.

In addition, with the help of her TV show “Basketball Wives”, she had the opportunity to go to different places.

She likes to go to Paris, Jamaica and Rome.

The travel photos she posts on Instagram are attracting attention from fans.

Jennifer is on vacation
Jennifer on vacation (Source:

Her Instagram is still full of vacation photos.

Moreover, Jennifer is also a fashionista. Her holiday look has inspired many girls.

Her hair is long and curly. Occasionally she also sported gold earrings, a gold watch and a series of bracelets on her wrist.

Jennifer Williams | Philanthropy

Jennifer co-founder A plan to save the world. The organization aims to fight disease, end world hunger and end the use of fossil fuels. Above all, it encourages the transition to renewable energy.

We are also working hard to eliminate environmental pollution.

what a girl she is As the world ignores the effects of climate change, Jennifer Williams has been active in bringing awareness to the world.

Williams supports many other charitable causes.

Jennifer Williams | TV Show, Real Estate, Investing, Endorsement, Book Publishing

jennifer williams tv show

popular tv shows “Basketball Wife” is a reality television series that premiered on VHI in April 2010.

It depicts the life of a group of women who develop romantic relationships with people in the professional basketball world.

However, Jennifer left the show after season 4.

After leaving the program, he worked on his own rebranding, appeared on TV, and expanded his business.

At the time, she was also facing the loss of her mother, who died of cancer in December 2015.

She co-starred with Queer Eye’s Karamo Brown in The Next: 15, an unscripted show that primarily reveals reality shows.

When Jennifer and Evelyn reconciled, she made a cameo appearance in Season 6 of “Basketball Wives.”

This incident allowed her to return to the show as a regular cast member.

She appeared in Season 7 in 2018 and Season 8 in 2019.

Additionally, the talented actress has appeared in The Next: 15 and other TV shows.

jennifer williams real estate

Jennifer Williams worked as a real estate agent before becoming a reality TV star.

In 2005 she obtained her real estate license and started selling luxury homes in New Jersey, USA.

This talented businessman has shown himself to be a talented person from the start.

God had other plans to raise her as a TV star. However, her real estate days also helped her increase her net worth.

jennifer williams investment

Williams is a successful entrepreneur who, in addition to her television career, has also dabbled in cosmetics, fashion, and fitness.

She founded an online clothing company, ‘Classy Girl Wardrobe’.

Before that, she also founded her own beauty brand, Lucid Cosmetics.

Jennifer is also one of the shareholders of fitness company Flirty Girl Fitness., Prior to joining the Basketball Wives, the company had studios in Toronto and Chicago.

Jennifer Williams endorsement

Williams is extremely popular and active on social media, with nearly 1 million Instagram followers and over 650,000 Twitter followers.

Big brands approached Jennifer Williams and paid big bucks to use her immense influence to endorse their brands.

The income generated from these endorsements will also help increase Jennifer William’s net worth.

Jennifer Williams | Career

The reality TV star was born in South Orange, New Jersey, USA.

She is of African American descent and holds American citizenship.

The actress attended Columbia High School and attended the University of Maryland, where she earned a BA in Political Science.

Jennifer has since appeared in several reality shows.

Likewise, she became the focus of American TV shows “Basketball Wife”

She starred in the show’s first four seasons and restarted after divorcing Eric.

Eventually, she got more television appearances, built a career, and even coped with her mother’s death to cancer.

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3 facts about Jennifer Williams

  • Jennifer Williams wanted to be a lawyer, but once worked in a law firm until she realized it wasn’t the best career.
  • Jennifer enjoys life as much as she can. She takes care of everything during her day, but at night she likes to visit exclusive venues and she visits several nightclubs during the week.
  • Jennifer and Eric met while she was working as a real estate agent. They hit it off right away. Everyone loves this couple who thought it would end in 10 years.


Is Jennifer Williams still a real country broker?

no. She is a licensed real estate agent. However, due to her hectic schedule with TV shows and fashion companies, Jennifer decided to focus all her attention on her own career.

How many seasons does “Basketball Wives” have?

Well, “Basketball Wives” has nine seasons. Producers are gearing up for the release of the tenth season of the popular series.

Do Jennifer Williams and Eric Williams Have a Baby?

Well, indeed they have been together for over ten years. However, there are no reports of them having children. There were big rumors, but none of the parties made it public.

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