Jayde Riviere Parents: Father Tony Riviere And Mother Emily Lui

The unwavering support and love of Jade Riviere’s parents played a key role in her success in football. Find out more about the footballer’s parents below.

Football has seen the rise of many talented players, each with their own stories and backgrounds.

Among them is Canadian footballer Jade Riviere. Its amazing popularity attracts fans all over the world.

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The road to success is often paved with unwavering support, love, and parental guidance. Jed Riviere is no exception. The defender’s parents played an important role in shaping her dreams and aspirations.

In this article, we meet Jed Riviere’s parents, Tony Riviere and Emily Rae, and explore how their support helped her daughter’s breakthrough in football.

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Jade Riviere Parents – Introducing Tony Riviere and Emily Louie

Jade Riviere was born on January 12, 2001 in Markham, Ontario, Canada. Her seasoned defender parents Tony Riviere and Emily Lou welcomed her.

Ontarian’s football journey began at an early age, her father being a former football player. One of her distinguishing features of Riviere’s success story is the unity of her entire family.

Jed Rivier parents
Jade Riviere’s parents, Tony and Emily, have been her biggest supporters in her career. (Image source: Black)

Tony and Emily have worked together to provide Jed with the best possible support and opportunities.

Their ability to collectively make decisions creates a nurturing environment that is conducive to the development of young footballers.

Beyond the football field, the Riviere-Louis family bonded through shared experiences and hobbies, allowing Jade to develop strong family values ​​while growing personally.

The sum of their efforts shaped Jade’s athletic career and prepared her to take on the limelight.

It is unknown if the Canadian soccer player has any siblings. Was she the only child of her parents?

Jed Riviere Father Tony Riviere

Jade Riviere’s father, Tony Riviere is a former football player. Mr. Riviere plays football in his home country.

The young athlete’s father was born in Rosso, Dominican Republic. A former athlete, Riviere taught Jed the sport when he was three years old. The Ontario native will start at 4 p.m. for West Rouge SC.

Jade’s father taught her the basics of the game. After practice with her teammates ended, Jed continued her long hours of practice with her father.

Tony’s support must have played a key role in instilling confidence and determination in her daughter’s character.

Jade claims that in addition to honing her skills, regular practice has also taught her valuable personality traits such as courage, compassion, cooperation and mindfulness.

Jed Rivier parents
Jade Riviere’s father, Tony, is a former football player. (Image source: CBC)

According to the seasoned footballer, her parents, teammates and coaches taught her “how to be the right person” and reminded her that she was a human first before she was a footballer.

Jade Riviere’s mother Emily Louie

Jade’s mother Lu Hoi Ching was born in Kowloon, Hong Kong and she is the embodiment of love. Details of Emily’s career are unknown, but it is believed that Emily is a seasoned professional in her own right.

Throughout Jed’s journey, Emily stands by him, providing emotional support in victory and defeat.

The athlete’s mother taught her to never forget the education she received and to approach life with discipline and resilience.

Emily’s dedication to Jed’s well-being is the foundation of Jed’s dreams and aspirations.

Overall, Jade Riviere’s success on and off the court reflects the dedication and sacrifice of his parents.

Jade continues to reach new heights in her career, inheriting valuable lessons and love from her illustrious parents.

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