James Solages And Joseph Vincent, Two Of The 4 Suspects In The Assassination Of Haiti’s President

James Solages And Joseph Vincent were charged with plotting to kill or kidnap outside the United States as they shot the president 12 times.

According to U.S. authorities on Tuesday, four significant suspects in the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Mossé have been sent to the United States for prosecution as the case in Haiti stagnates under death threats that have frightened local judges.

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James Solages, 37, and Joseph Vincent, 57, are two Americans of Haitian descent who were among the first to be apprehended when Mose was shot 12 times in his private residence on July 7, 2021, close to Port-au-Prince, the nation’s capital.

Who Are James Solages And Joseph Vincent? Assassination Of Haiti’s President

James Solages, 37, Joseph Vincent, 57, and German Alejandro Rivera Garcia, 44, three nationals of Colombia and two of Haitian descent, respectively, were charged with plotting to kill or kidnap outside the United States.

Christian Emmanuel Sanon, an old preacher, doctor, and failing businessman recognized by investigators as having a crucial role, has also been charged.

James Solages And Joseph Vincent
James Solages And Joseph Vincent were arrested for Assassination (source: Nypost)

His allies believe he was misled by the faithful — and still unnamed — masterminds behind the killing, which has thrown Haiti into political instability and unleashed gang violence unprecedented in decades.

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 An unnamed squad of shooters murdered Mose at his House in July 2021. His death occurred amid rising political unrest in Haiti, and he demanded his resignation before the conclusion of his mandate.

Gang violence has increased considerably in Port-au-Prince as the country struggles with poverty and a cycle of postponed elections.

John is a former Haitian senator who was accused of a murder conspiracy. According to the DOJ, the four most recent defendants are due to appear in federal court in Miami on Wednesday.

Seven of the cases accused are presently in U.S. custody. Dozens more others remain imprisoned in Haiti’s central prison, which is dangerously overcrowded and sometimes runs out of food and water for detainees.

Are Two Of The 4 Suspects Arrested? Chargers Explored

Yes, all seven suspects in the case are currently in American custody. In Haiti, the case has come to a halt, with local officials this year appointing a fifth judge to probe the homicide after four others were removed or resigned for personal reasons.

Rivera, Solages, and Vincent are charged with conspiracy to conduct murder or kidnapping outside the United States, as well as providing material assistance and resources resulting in death, according to the United States Justice Department.

James Solages And Joseph Vincent
Seven suspects in the case in American custody (source: Businessinsider)

Sanon is accused of plotting to smuggle items out of the United States and supplying illegal export information. According to court filings, he reportedly delivered 20 ballistic vests to Haiti, but the products were disguised as “medical X-ray vests and educational supplies.”

According to one judge, his family requested him not to take the case because they were concerned for his safety. Another judge resigned when one of his subordinates died under mysterious circumstances.

According to court filings, Solages received a text message from Vincent with a video showing a cat “reacting alertly” to gunfire two months before Mose was murdered. Solages chuckled, causing Vincent to write, “That’s pretty much how Jovenel will be, but (sooner) if you guys are really up for it!!”

According to the paper, Solages stated, “(this) cat will never come back,” and “believe me, brother, we are working on our ultimate decision.”

Then, in June, some 20 former Colombian troops were allegedly recruited to assist in the president’s arrest and defend Sanon, who saw himself as Haiti’s new Leader. According to the records, Rivera was in control of that group.

What Happened To Haiti’s President? Was He Shot?

According to authorities, Mose, 53, was fatally murdered inside his home in Pelerin 5 on the hills above Port-au-Prince at 01:00 local time on July 7, 2021.

The president was shot 12 times, with many gunshot wounds to his head and chest. According to one of the judges overseeing the probe, his left eye had been gouged out, and bones in his arm and foot had been fractured.

He died at the scene and was discovered lying on the floor, his clothing soaked in blood. Martine Mose, the first lady, was also shot but survived.

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