James Lewis Illness And Health Before Death: Found Dead At His Home

The only suspect in the 1982 Tylenol murders, James Lewis, was found dead earlier this week. Following his sudden death, people are curious about James Lewis illness and health.

According to authorities in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Jame Lewis was discovered unresponsive on Sunday around 4 pm at his Boston house. Shortly after, Mr. Lewis was pronounced dead.

The unexpected death of the 1982 Tylenol murder suspect garnered significant media and public attention. Many people are asking about the death cause and circumstances of his passing.

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At the same time, some people can’t help but wonder if James Lewis had any illness or health issues. Let’s explore the matter in this article.

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James Lewis Illness And Health Before Death: Found Dead At His Home

As stated above, the only suspect in the 1982 Tylenol murders, James Lewis, was found unconscious in his house in Boston on Sunday.

According to police, he died shortly after that. The authority remarked that Jame Lewis’ demise had been determined to be not suspicious.

James Lewis Illness
It is unclear whether or not James Lewis had any illness before his death. (Image Source: Chicago Tribune)

While they have not revealed the official death cause, the police’s remark suggests James died of natural causes.

The sudden death of an individual often raises questions and prompts speculation, mainly when the circumstances surrounding their passing remain unclear.

James Lewis’ death has also left many wondering if an underlying illness preceded his death. As the circumstances surrounding his death have not been disclosed, it sparked curiosity and concern about his health issues.

However, no official statements or reports indicate that James Lewis was suffering from a significant illness before his death.

Thus, the question of whether James Lewis was ill before his death remains unanswered due to the limited information available.

The absence of official statements or reports regarding his health condition suggests that any claims of illness should be treated with caution until concrete evidence emerges.

As the authorities are still looking at the Jame Lewis death, let’s wait and see if there will be any development in the case in the coming days.

James Lewis Was Convicted Of Trying To Extort Money

Seven persons in the Chicago metropolitan area perished in 1982 after eating Tylenol, which had been laced with cyanide.

Soon after, a man demanded $1 million in cash from Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary, the company that makes Tylenol, in an extortion letter to end the deaths.

James Lewis Illness
James Lewis was convicted of trying to extort a hefty sum of money from Johnson & Johnson, the company which makes Tylenol and served 12 years in prison. (Image Source: CNN)

After being exposed as the source of the letters, Lewis was found guilty of attempting to blackmail Johnson & Johnson out of $1 million in the days following the appearance of tablets laced with cyanide on shop shelves.

Due to the attempted extortion, he was sentenced to 12 years in prison. He remained a person of interest in the actual homicides for 40 years, but he was never charged with the murders.

According to reports, James’ death is disappointing for law officials who have been looking into the case for decades.

Lewis had been a leading suspect since Day One. According to CBS Chicago’s reporting, some authorities believed they had enough circumstantial evidence to indict Lewis.

According to CNN, some detectives were still pressing for Lewis to be prosecuted last year while Lewis said he had been mistreated and persisted in denying involvement.

FBI personnel reportedly searched Lewis’ Massachusetts house in 2009. Investigators took Lewis’ computer and got a DNA sample from him.

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