James Holzhauer Net Worth: Career & Lifestyle

American sports gambler and game show contestant James Holtzhall has a net worth of $2 million.

Holzal is known for winning 32 consecutive games on popular game shows. dangerous!.

james holzhauer game show
James Holzauer on a game show (Source: Wiki Common)

He is one of the highest paid gambling players on the platform.

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Horzal holds the Jeopardy record for breaking a single game.

Similarly, he won the state competition as part of the University of Illinois Global Youth Engineering and Science Team.

James Holtzhall | Overview

Let’s take a look at the life of James Holtshall.

full name James Holtzhall
nickname James, Jeopardy James
net worth $2 million
salary $76,944 per episode
date of birth July 23, 1984
Year 38 years old
place of birth Naperville, Illinois, USA
Country of Citizenship American
zodiac cancer
expensive 5’7″ (176 cm)
weight 70 kg (154 lbs)
shoe size 8 (United States)
eye color brown
hair color Dark brown
Profession Professional sports gambler, game show player
father’s name Jürgen Holzal
mother’s name Tomoko Itokuna Horzal
Brothers and sisters 1
brother’s name Ian Holtzhall
marital status marriage
spouse Melissa Holzauer (born 2012)
sexual orientation straight
child daughter
child’s name Natasha Holtzhall
Race mix
educate University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
TV program dangerous! dangerous!biggest ever
winning game show Chase (Game Show Network), Jeopardy
Championship Tournament of Champions, the biggest tournament ever
has been active for several years 2014 to present
Social media twitter
Last update July 2023

James Holtzhall | Net Worth and Income

As of July 2023, James Holzauer has a net worth of a whopping $2 million.

Horzal’s $250,000 Runner-up prize Biggest Tournament Ever and $250,000 highest award in Championship his property was summed up US$2,964,216.

He is currently the third tallest winner dangerous! player.likewise he almost won $1.7 million He has achieved milestones so far with critically acclaimed game shows.

Currently, he is monopolizing the top 10 single match win record. dangerous.

James Holtzhall’s Top 10 winning streaks include:

Earned amount (USD) date
$131,127 April 17, 2019
$130,022 April 26, 2019
$118,816 April 23, 2019
$110,914 April 9, 2019
$106,181 April 16, 2019
$101,682 May 1, 2019
$96,726 April 30, 2019
$90,812 April 22, 2019
$90,812 April 25, 2019
$89,158 April 12, 2019

Naperville-born gambler James Holzauer’s average winnings are: $76,944 all episodes.

An episode lasts approximately 30 minutes.With this, Horzal’s hourly wage is $150,000.

he earned $58,333 on a TV game show tracking beat Mark Lovett 26 vs 9.

James Holtzhall Net Worth in Different Currencies

Let’s see how much James Holzauer’s net worth is in different currencies.

currency net worth
EUR €1,791,400
GBP £1,490,500
Australian dollar 2,850,628 Australian dollars
Canadian Dollar 2,547,350 Canadian dollars
indian rupee 149,932,600 rupees
Bitcoin ฿54.18

James Holtzhall | House and Car

James Holzauer, a professional gambler and math genius, has a net worth of $2 million as of July 2023.

Jeopardy star James Holzhauer and wife Melissa Holzhauer own a gorgeous home.

Despite appearing on multiple reality shows, James has never revealed his real estate portfolio to the media.

james holzhal house
James Holzauer during a trip to Las Vegas (Image: CNBC)

Looking at his vast fortune, it is clear that the couple will have no problem buying a nice house.

James currently lives in Seattle, Washington with his family.

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James Holzauer prefers to keep his car ownership out of the limelight.

Gamblers also didn’t share much about their cars on social media platforms.

Clearly, Mr. Holzhal owns many cars, especially four-wheel-drive vehicles, including a comfortable SUV.

From the outside, he is a very naive and down-to-earth person. Apparently he lives away from luxury.

James Holtzhall | Lifestyle and Holidays


As of July 2023, James Holzauer has a net worth of a whopping $2 million.

James Holzauer, also known as Jeopardy James, was born in Naperville, Illinois in July 1984.

From an early age, he displayed advanced mathematical skills. The gifted James skipped his sophomore year and at age 7 he started fifth grade math.

Despite James’ high grades in mathematics, his overall grades were mediocre. He once skipped school to gamble online.

James Holzauer playing poker at a casino (Image: Vegas News)

The 34-year-old professional sports gambler from Las Vegas graduated from the University of Illinois in 2005.

James Holzauer met his wife from Washington, Melissa Sasshin, 17 months before their marriage.

The couple got married on September 8, 2012.

James Holtzhall’s wife Melissa is also a game show contestant who wants to be a millionaire In February 2014, she won $28,800 for her show.


Jeopardy James commutes frequently between Chicago and Washington. He also plans trips to Las Vegas from time to time.

James also said he would like to go to Spain with his family for a fun vacation.

Previously, the TV performer planned to use part of the prize money for travel.

Holzal hasn’t enjoyed vacationing around the world, but domestic travel has freed up her schedule.

James Holtzhall | Charity

The generous Horzal was also known for his kindness to those in need.

In April 2019, Jeopardy winners donated a portion of their winnings to their hometown Las Vegas community.

Mr. and Mrs. Horzal donate $10,000 Please check Las Vegas Natural History Museum and Clark County Library in Las Vegas. Officials from various institutions confirmed the news.

This significant funding has been allocated to the live animal sector.The other half helps students from low-income areas visit the museum for free under the open doors program.

Even before the donation, the Holzal family were members of the museum and were regular visitors.

The Foundation thanks Horzal and his wife for supporting the family during the medical crisis.

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James Holtzhall | Streak

Jeopardy winner James Holtzhauser has had a successful gambling career, winning multiple game shows.

Speaking of his winning streak, the guy averaged nearly $77,000 per episode in just 30 minutes.

Well, that’s lucky for professional sports gamblers.

Strictly speaking, Holsauer’s response accuracy is 97%. He got his 97% correct on all of Jeopardy’s questions.

James Holtzhall | Career

Horzal began his professional gambling career after graduating from high school. As mentioned earlier, he joined Jeopardy and made a fortune from the show.

He used a mechanical pencil (click pencil) to practice his buzzer skills.

James Holtzhall (Image credit: Vox)

Jeopardy James has also appeared on several game shows dangerous. Contestants will appear tracking September 2014 and 500 questions May 2015.

Additionally, he made his World Series of Poker debut in Vegas.

3 Facts About James Holtzhall

  • James Holzauer loves reading children’s books. He once said in an interview that he was able to retain a lot of information thanks to the easy-to-understand infographics and visuals in children’s books.
  • he made an easter egg dangerous I won the exact amount of dollars in honor of my daughter110,914 (Horzal’s daughter’s birthday is 11/09/14)
  • James is a big Chicago Cubs fan. His dream job is a front office position on the team.


What is James Holzauer’s average daily double?

His best doubles average for the day was $9,000.

What degree does James Holtzhall have?

James Holzauer has a degree in Mathematics from the University of Illinois.

What is James Holzauer’s “goto lunch”?

James claims he enjoys sliced ​​cheese pizza, sweets, and potato chips for lunch.

Is James Holtzhall a lucky man?

Yes, he seems like a very lucky man, judging by his game records. James Holzauer has a net worth of $2 million thanks to his successful career in gambling sports.

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