Is Tom Girardi Still Alive? Death News Viral On Internet- Illness And Health Update

Is Tom Girardi Still Alive? Questions have been asked to learn more about whether the former lawyer is still alive.

As rumors of his death began to spread, people became more curious to know if his words were true. So people started googling “Is Tom Girardi alive?”

Thomas Girardi (born June 3, 1939) is a prominent attorney and co-founder of Girardi & Keith, a respected law firm in Los Angeles.

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However, in 2022 he faced serious fraud charges and was eventually stripped of his legal practice by the Bar Association.

Mr. Girardi’s decades-long legal career has included many high-profile cases, including personal injury, medical malpractice and wrongful death claims.

He is widely recognized as an accomplished litigator and has a reputation for representing clients in large settlements and judgments.

In recent years, however, allegations of fraud and financial misconduct have taken a toll on Girardi’s reputation.

In 2020, he was sued by several clients for misappropriating settlement funds and not paying their fair share. The scandal ultimately led to the breakup of Girardi & Keith after more than 40 years.

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Is Tom Girardi Still Alive?news of the death spread rapidly on the internet

Is Tom Girardi Still Alive? They also want to know if the former lawyer is still alive. So they ask this question.

As death reports get more attention, many people want more information to determine whether the death reports are accurate. So the quest “Is Tom Girardi alive?” began.

Rumors of his death were not true. According to a September 2021 article in The Sun, Tom has reportedly moved into a nursing home.

this 84The 3-year-old is said to be living in a Burbank memory care facility for seniors with memory problems.

Tom Girardi
Tom Girardi and Erica Jayne are dating. (Source: Page 6)

In May 2022, Erica gave an update on Tom’s condition in an interview with Us Weekly. She revealed that Tom had called “sometimes” and that his health was deteriorating.

Erica said Tom’s condition fluctuated a lot, some good days, some good days. At times, he seemed confused and disorientated by her, failing to recognize her or mistaking her for someone else.

The news comes amid Tom’s ongoing legal battle, including a lawsuit filed against him and Erica by trustees of victims of the Lion Air Flight 610 crash. In the lawsuit, several couples are accused of embezzling settlement money from the victim’s family.

The media and fans are watching them closely. While many are concerned for Tom’s safety, others criticize his alleged actions and the impact on victims and their families.

Tom Girardi Career Details

Thomas Girardi, an attorney and co-founder of Girardi & Keith Law Firm, attended Loyola High School in Los Angeles and graduated from New York University in 1965.

In 1970, he became the first California attorney to win over $1 million in medical malpractice cases.

During his career, he has handled several high-profile cases against several major corporations, including the former Lockheed Company (now Lockheed Martin), Pacific Gas and Electric Company, the Los Angeles County Municipal Transportation Authority, and seven major Hollywood movie studios.

Tom Girardi
Tom Girardi has had an illustrious career as a lawyer. (Source: Legal Information)

Girardi’s notable lawsuit was against utility company Pacific Gas and Electric, which agreed to pay $460 million to 650 residents of the Hinckley Desert community in California.

Residents have accused gas station leaks of contaminated water from causing cancer and other illnesses.

The incident was the inspiration for the movie Erin Brockovich, starring Julia Roberts. Girardi said the incident changed the way people think about any toxic substance they are exposed to. The lawyer also acted as a film consultant.

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