Is Tara Lipinski Pregnant Again In 2023? Baby Bump And Weight Gain Rumors

Is Tara Lipinski pregnant? Recently, she shared her story about her fertility journey on her podcast, and fans are confused. Here are more details.

Tara Lipinski is an American former competitive figure skater who won various titles, including the 1998 Olympics. Likewise, she is also the 1997 World champion.

In 1998, she retired from competitive figure skating. Apart from that, Tara is also an actress, sports commentator, and documentary film producer. 

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Lipinski has appeared in some television shows, including Touched by an Angel, 7th Heaven, Amphibia, Kidding, Superstore, Ice Angel, and The Young and the Restless.

Meanwhile, she is also famous for her podcast, Tara Lipinski: Unexpecting.

In a recent episode, Tara opened up about her fertility journey, and people are confused, saying she may be pregnant again.

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Is Tara Lipinski Pregnant Again In 2023?

No, Tara Lipinski is not pregnant, but the rumors have been raised on the web after she talked about her fertility journey in her podcast, Tara Lipinski: Unexpecting.

On the second episode of her podcast, Lipinski opened up about how she learned she was pregnant.

She explained that after four egg retrievals, resulting in 13 embryos, two of which were possible, her doctor advised trying to get pregnant naturally.

Is Tara Lipinski Pregnant
Tara Lipinski is not pregnant but posted a photo of her first CT scan, which showed everything was fine. (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, she admitted she thought it was a comical attempt. More details can be explored by listening to her podcast. She has also posted some clips on her Instagram account.

Due to that, people were confused, and they began speculating that Tara may be expecting a child. However, it can be confirmed that Lipinski is not pregnant.

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What We Know About Tara Lipinski Baby Bump 

With the rumors of Tara Lipinski’s pregnancy, another rumor has circulated on the web, with netizens saying that Tara may have a baby bump.

However, the rumor is fake and came into media prominence after Tara shared her story on her recent podcast episode.

Tara Lipinski Baby Bump 
Tara Lipinski is not pregnant, but the rumors of her baby bump have confused everyone. (Source: Instagram)

Apart from that, Tara has also opened up about various challenges related to her pregnancy.

She said that she had undergone many unsuccessful rounds of IVF, miscarriages and surgeries.

Tara  a lonely infertility journey. Furthermore, Lipinski has been open about everything with her followers.

Tara Lipinski Weight Gain Rumors Explained

Just like the topic of Tara Lipinski’s baby bump, fans and followers are searching for her weight gain news.

As of now, she has not gained weight, but Lipinski has gained some weight in the past.

In the past, Lipinski talked about her weight gain as a professional athlete.

In an , Lipinski said she began monitoring her diet post-Olympics as she got older and went through puberty. 

Tara Lipinski Weight Gain
Tara Lipinski’s weight gain rumors are making rounds on the web. (Source: Instagram)

At that time, Lipinski used to eat what she ate, gradually gaining weight. Later, she stuck to foods like omelets and fish. 

During that time, Lipinski may have gained some weight. Now, she must have focused on her diet and is maintaining her health, too. 

Considering this fact, it can be confirmed that the news of Lipinski’s weight gain came into the limelight after the topic of her pregnancy was searched. 

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