Is Steven Macmillan Arrested? What Did Dentist Do And Where Is He Now?

Is Steven Macmillan arrested? This question has dragged the eyes of many people, and the answer is a big YES. Here’s more about the registered dentist.

Steven Macmillan is a registered dentist from Strathaven. He made headlines on the internet after the news of his detention came into the media.

Besides, Macmillan has been working as a dentist for a long time, and a Check Company has reported that he was associated with STEVEN MACMILLAN BDS LTD, a Private Limited Company from Strathaven.

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There are not many details regarding Steven’s personal and professional life, as his news just came into the media after getting arrested.

With his arrest news, Macmilla’s name has been the talk of the town, and people are concerned about him. So, if you are also eager to know about Macmillan, keep reading till the end.

Is Steven Macmillan Arrested?

Yes, Steven Macmillan has been arrested. The news first circulated on social media, mainly on Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok.

The Child Protection Team UK shared the news of Macmillan’s arrest by sharing it on their social media handles. According to the page, Macmillan was arrested on March 8, 2023. 

Steven Macmillan Arrested
Steven Macmilla’s arrest details are explained on TikTok. ( Source: TikTok )

A TikTok video shared by a user elaborated on the reason being Steven’s detention. It is reported that Macmillan used his own son’s picture in an app to chat with a 13-year-old girl on Snapchat. 

Due to that, people are making videos on social media about the situation, and some are asking what the dentist actually does.

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What Did Dentist Steven Macmillan Do?

As said earlier, Steven Macmillan used his son’s image to chat with a young girl on Snapchat. For your information, he has been married to his wife for 25 years, whose name has not been revealed yet.

The registered dentist reportedly provoked the young girl to do awful things. However, Macmillan denied all the things he did, but he was detained following all the evidence. 

Dentist Steven
The Child Protection Team UK arrested dentist Steven Macmillan. ( Source: Facebook )

Macmillan even sent voice messages to the lady, and Macmillan’s wife of 25 years also confirmed that it was her husband’s voice. So, the actions of Macmillan have left his wife, and his family shocked.

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Where Is Steven Macmillan Now?

As we know, Steven Macmillan has been arrested. However, there are no details of his current status. He may be facing some issues. This is a developing story, and more info will be updated soon.

People on social media are heavily criticizing Macmillan. Not only that, but they are making tons of comments to his family, who are completely in shock now.

The team who helped Steven get arrested are , an online child protection team based in Scotland protecting children all over the UK.

Steven Macmillan Dentist
Steven Macmilla’s arrest news was shared on Twitter. ( Source: Twitter )

It seems like they have also removed some details regarding Macmillan’s partner, as they are receiving many criticisms. Furthermore, the team has gained more than 35k followers on Facebook.

Not only that, but they have requested to stop making assumptions regarding Macmillan’s wife. As social media users are getting curious about this case, the team may surely give more details regarding Steven’s status. 

Regarding his personal life, Steven was born in April 1972. As said earlier, he is a married man and also has children, but their names are not available in the public domain. 

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