Is Sherri Papini In Jail? Sentenced 18 Months In Prison For Faking Her Kidnapping

Not-so-famous personality Sherri Papini made headlines, recently in November this year. Is Sherri Papini In Jail? 

The common American woman, Papini, vanish news spread like wildfire across her home town California. 

California’s authorities detained Ms. Papini for her fake kidnapping case. She agreed to lie to a federal officer and be involved in mail fraud.

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The American woman agreed to plead guilty on two counts, one for mail fraud and the other for lying to an officer.  

The court punished Papini on Monday of November this year for the expensive fraud case that cost the California government and law enforcement an unnecessary amount of resources and wealth. 

She enacted her plan of having a fake kidnapping while out for her morning jog in a Redding, California neighborhood in November 2016. 

Stay connected with us; if you like how we unfold the Sherri Papini Case Update. Yes, this article will take a step further to look closely at Sherri’s jail life and punishment details. 

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Is Sherri Papini In Jail?

Mother of two, Sherri Papini, was arrested in California for allegedly acting out a fake kidnapping case in November 2016.

On March 3, 2022, California authorities arrested her on federal charges. Her husband, Keith Papini, also left her on the same day she was arrested.

Sherri Papini husband
Sherri Papini’s husband, Keith Papini, divorced his wife when she was found guilty of her crimes. (Source: Pedroncelli)

After Sherri confessed to her crime and fraud charges, her ex-husband filed a divorce and requested sole custody of their kids in April 2022. 

She enacted a violent kidnapping plan in Redding neighborhood. Papini made sure that she would vanish after a morning jog, so she wore handcuffs and looked like she was abused. 

Twenty-two days after her fake kidnapping, she was found walking alongside a roadway west of Sacramento.  

After six years of inquiry, the American woman finally revealed the truth of her shocking self-kidnapping. 

Furthermore, she was fined a whopping $308 Thousand and 18 months in jail.


Sherri Papini Was Sentenced to 18 Months In Prison

American woman Sherri Papini pleaded guilty to two counts: mail fraud and making false statements. Her court hearing was on April 18, 2022.

The mother of two planned her self-kidnapping. The fake kidnapping caused trouble for the government and security authorities to waste enough resources for her findings.

Sherri Papini fake kidnapping
American woman Sherri Papini’s fake kidnapping case took heat in California. (Source: Daily Mail)

Papini had to pay $308 Thousand in compensation. The colossal money will go straight into restitution to the California Victim Compensation Board.

As part of the agreement, she waived her right to the jury trial, along with the Federal Bureau of Investigations, the Shasta County Sheriff’s office, and the Social Security Administration. 

Also, she faced eighteen months in prison for her fake kidnapping case. Earlier, federal prosecutors had requested that she be faced with eight months in jail.

However, on Monday, September 19, 2022, federal Judge William Shubb sentenced Papini to 18 months in federal prison in Sacramento, California. 

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