Is Patrick Wojahn In Jail? Maryland Mayor Arrested For Child Pornography

 Patrick Wojahn has been arrested for child porn charges. The Amid Maryland mayor visited the White House at least six times. Take a look to know if he is in Jail. 

Patrick Wojahn is an American former politician. Apart from his professional career, he is also known for multiple allegations of being a child sex offender.

Further, Patrick also served for four terms as the mayor of College Park, Maryland, i.e., from 2015 to 2023. Currently, he is in the media headlines as he quit due to charges against him of child pornography.

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Similarly, the politician had previously served on the City Council. More than his working career, he often makes headlines for controversial topics, including his sexuality. 

Wojahn has always been open about his sexuality, and he is gay. As soon as he graduated, Patrick started working as a lobbyist for disability and LGBTQ rights. 

Is Patrick Wojahn In Jail?

Patrick Wojahn has been the concerned topic lately, and people are asking if he is in Jail as this is not the first time the politician has had to visit the White House regarding the case.

As per the sources, Patrick Wojahn has to  360 years in Jail if convicted. Furthermore, he was arrested on March 2, a day before he submitted a formal letter of resignation after business hours. 

Well, the investigation is ongoing, and this hasn’t been revealed that the politician is in Jail at the moment as he might be taken for the investigations. 

Patrick Wojahn
Patrick Wojahn will face 360 years in jail if convicted. (Source: Twitter)

Social media users strongly show their opinion on the incident and comment and share the posts via online platforms, including Twitter and Facebook. 

As per the sources, it is believed that Patrick is currently under the authorities’ control; however, this is yet to confirm that he is in Jail. 

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Maryland Mayor, Patrick Wojahn Arrested For Child Pornography

If you are a social media user, you must have heard about the latest controversial news about the Maryland mayor, Patrick Wojahn’s arrest.

The former mayor has been arrested for 56 child pornography-related charges. Similarly, he has visited the Biden White House at least six times since June 2021. 

Likewise, he resigned from his post the day before he was apprehended on 40 counts of custody of child pornography and 16 counts of disseminating child pornography.

Similarly, law enforcement has investigated Wojahn after the National Center for Missing and Manipulated Children that hints to the Prince George’s County police. 

Patrick Wojahn
Patrick Wojahn has been arrested for child pornography. (Source: Sports Keeda)

The authorities have found the social media account that was ultimately attributed to the mayor. Similarly, the investigators also searched his home in late February, and they reportedly seized multiple cell phones, a storage device including a tablet, and a computer.

The politician has supervised the city of 35,000 people since 2015. Likewise, his first visit to the White House was for an event on June 25, 2021. 

Is Patrick Wojahn Married- Meet His Wife

Patrick Wojahn’s marital status is married. He is openly gay and runs events for the right of disability and LGBTQ.

Wojahn married Dave Kolesar, the WTOP-FM senior broadcast engineer. The couple tied the wedding knot in 2011. However, he is not much talkative regarding his married life. 

While talking more about his family details, the former mayor and his partner don’t seem to have any kids, as he has never told us about this. 

Patrick Wojahn
Patrick Wojahn with Dave Kolesar. (Source: Wealthy Peep)

On the other side, Patrick maintains a great bond with politicians Tammy Baldwin, who is the first openly lesbian U.S. Senator, and Pete Buttigieg. 

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