Is Nathaniel Radimak In Jail? Road Rage Suspect Arrest And Charge

People are asking, “Is Nathaniel Radimak in Jail,” as he is a prime suspect for being involved in multiple road-rage in Southern California.

After being connected to many vehicle attacks on Southern California freeways, including an instance in West Hollywood where a woman had a run-in with the suspect while in her car with her 93-year-old mother, the road-rage Tesla driver gained national attention.

The meeting took place in June. She offered images of the suspect and a valet driver engaged in a brutal physical struggle.

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On their cell phone, the driver of a Chevy pickup truck captured the road rage incident.

As shown on video, the Tesla driver attempted to go into the left lane and struck the Chevy.

Nathaniel stopped in the middle of the road, got out, and repeatedly slammed Chevy’s door and window. The driver got back in their Tesla and sped off.

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Is Nathaniel Radimak In Jail? 

The answer to the question Is Nathaniel Radimak In Jail? is Yes, as the California Highway Patrol arrested the suspect on Sunday.

According to officials, a man has been detained who is suspected of being the Tesla driver responsible for a string of violent road rage incidents in Southern California.

At least ten people have come forward, reporting terrifying encounters with the man, and several of them have video of him slamming cars with a metal pipe.

Officers of the California Highway Patrol detained a suspect connected to those attacks Sunday afternoon in Torrance at a carwash before booking him into the 77th prison of the LAPD.

Is Nathaniel Radimak In Jail
The answer to the question Is Nathaniel Radimak In Jail? is Yes. (Source: abc7chicago)

Nathaniel Walter Radimak, 36, has been named as him. He was taken into custody for two outstanding warrants and assault with a deadly weapon.

Bail was initially set at $5.175 million.

Radimak’s Tesla Model X from 2022 was taken. On the 2 Freeway in Glendale, the suspect was seen on video wrecking a car with a pipe.

According to the CHP, the arrest made on Sunday was only related to the assault on the 2 Freeway on January 11. The inquiry is still ongoing.

According to the agency, anyone with additional information is urged to phone the CHP’s Los Angeles office at (213) 744-2331 or the CHP Traffic Management Center after hours at (323) 259-3410.

Road Rage Suspect Arrest And Charge

After the 2 Freeway incident victims came forward, additional people started talking about their interactions with the same individual.

Eventually, individuals from outside of California joined the investigation through social media.

TizzyEnt, a well-known online detective, started sharing Eyewitness News videos with his 5.3 million TikTok fans.

The influencer claimed that three people came forward and gave him the suspect’s name, which he then passed to the Police.

In October 2021, the suspect punched a woman in the face during one of his attacks, leaving her with a black eye.

Another victim who had her tires cut off in March in West Hollywood expressed gratitude for the attention the assailant has since received.

Nathaniel Radimak pp
Nathaniel Radimak, a Tesla driver accused of road rage. (Source: wehotimes)

Following a minor collision on the southbound lanes of Highway 2 close to York Boulevard in Glendale, the suspected road-rage Tesla driver was also captured on camera hitting another vehicle.

Nathaniel Radimak has a lengthy criminal history and several encounters with the law, as revealed by a deeper look into his past.

In 2022, two claims of domestic violence involving the same lady gave rise to civil actions.

In 2021, he was charged with “possession for sales of methamphetamine.”

California Penal Code [CPC] Section 242, which deals with “minor vandalism,” was charged against Nathaniel in 2017.

The California Penal Code [CPC] Section 594(a)(1)–(3) deals with “vandalism,” which was also charged against him in the same year.

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