Is Lana Faith Johnson Arrested? Theft And Stealing Charges, What Did She Do?

Lana Faith Johnson Arrested, this is a headline many news portals adopt. This article will take a closer look at the rumors spreading and the truth behind them. 

Suppose you are a concerned fan using the search term “Lana Faith Johnson Arrested.” In that case, this article will follow all the available leads in the publicist’s life and the incident that incriminated her.

An equally fascinating story had just occurred in light of the uproar and interest sparked by the lawsuits Victor Consunji had filed against Maggie Wilson and their social media outbursts. Lana Faith Johnson, a dependable team member of Consunji, was recently the focus of a Police investigation.

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Johnson spent several years leading Consunji’s PR and marketing efforts. She has access to Consunji’s personal and professional life because of their tight working relationship. 

Johnson was present for both the best and worst moments of Consunji’s marriage to Maggie Wilson so that he would have been familiar with Company operations and valued clients.

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Is Lana Faith Johnson Arrested? Theft And Stealing Charges 

 Lana Faith Johnson Arrested: Many news websites use this as their headline. This piece will examine the circulating rumors and their integrity in further detail.

Suppose a concerned fan searches for “Lana Faith Johnson Arrested” online. In that case, this article will investigate every lead that can be found regarding the publicist’s life and the event that implicated her.

However, Johnson betrayed Consunji, shattering their confidence. Johnson allegedly faced accusations of “theft” or “stealing” from the business.

Lana Johnson
Lana is accused of Theft And Stealing Charges. (Source: Instagram)

The authorities intervened when the anomalies were found and handed Johnson over to the legal system. The specifics of Johnson’s plot against her boss and the business that put its trust in her have yet to be made public. 

However, according to a source, there are quite a few incidents, not just one or two. 

Besides misleading her former boss, Johnson betrayed the clients who trusted her to manage their commercial relationships with the organization.

Wilson posted something in the interim that was ostensibly referencing the situation. Wilson seemed to be talking about how a “you” trusted “she” more than “her” without naming anyone. 

Wilson concluded by emphasizing that despite her warnings, he disregarded them. The facts eventually emerged, proving her intuition to be accurate.

What Did Lana Faith Johnson Do?

According to a Babbler, PLT Wilfredo Tanquerido Jr. and PCOL Robert R. Baesa of the Taguig City Police and Lana Faith Operana Johnson, the marketing and public relations director at Victor Consunji Development Corp., were responsible for the entrapment operation that led to Johnson’s arrest on November 11.

After providing a “falsified receipt” for the construction Company’s payment to the complainant, Bernabe Mendoza, the 38-year-old was apprehended with P82,500 in entrapment money.

Lana Faith Johnson Arrested
Lana Faith Johnson is one of the highest-earning professionals in her field. (Source: Instagram)

Since it was a betrayal of a massive scale, the news immediately shot to instant fame after being released into the media. People were calling out Lana for her actions as she broke the trust of those who had believed in her. 

Last February, Tatler Philippines published an article about Johnson, who runs the boutique PR Johnson & Associates, and her “evening skincare ritual.”

Johnson stated: “You can make a difference in any business you are in when you have the correct intentions, discipline, and support” in an interview with the Manila Bulletin Lifestyle section two months ago.

One of the nation’s most sought-after publicists, Johnson has worked with some of the most prominent names and companies in the country, like VConsunji Inc., Bobbi Brown, AirAsia BIG, Steph Zubiri-Crespi, and Denise Laurel, to name a few, according to a People Asia interview from 2019.

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