Is Johan Rojas Related To Cookie Rojas? Family Tree And Net Worth

Ever since John Rojas started his league career with a super catch, people have been asking if John Rojas is related to Cracker Rojas.

Johan Rojas got off to a great start to his major league career with an impressive catch and pass.

In the first game, Rojas ran up the center-right scoreboard with a spectacular hit.

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Moreover, he quickly threw the ball to first base with amazing accuracy and completed a double play.

Veteran Nick Castellanos welcomed Rojas before the game and encouraged him to stay true to himself. The upstart center fielder took those words to heart.

Known for his defensive skills in the minor leagues, Rojas gave the Phillies the best defensive performance of the season in his debut.

Not only did he catch Tatis Jr.’s hit with a spectacular jump, but he quickly turned and threw to first base, hitting a double with Kim Hong.

This flawless debut leaves sports fans wanting to know more about Jonas. At the same time, they were also interested in whether he was related to Couch Rojas.

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Is Johann Rojas related to Cookie Rojas?

Despite having the same surname, John Rojas and Kookie Rojas are not related by blood.

Johan Rojas was a talented Dominican professional baseball outfielder for the Philadelphia Phillies of Major League Baseball (MLB).

Couch Rojas, meanwhile, is a Cuban-American former major league player known for his versatility as a second baseman and outfielder.

Is johann rojas related to cookie rojas
Despite the same last name, Johann Rojas is not related to Cookie Rojas (Credit: The Athletic)

Throughout his career, Kutcher represented various teams including the Cincinnati Reds, Philadelphia Phillies, St. Louis Cardinals and Kansas City Royals.

After retiring as a player, Cookie Rojas turned to the world of coaching and management.

Currently, he serves as color commentator for Spanish-language television for the Miami Marlins.

Both have made significant contributions to baseball, but have no familial ties.

This highlights that while athletes can share surnames, it has nothing to do with the world of sports.

John Rojas and Cookie Rojas: Family Tree and Net Worth

Johann Rojas and Cookie Rojas come from different backgrounds and there is limited information regarding their family tree.

Little is known about his parents and family as John Rojas has kept his private life private.

He is believed to have been born to Dominican parents in San Francisco de Marcolis, Dominican Republic.

However, further details regarding his family history remain private as he prefers to keep his private life out of the public eye.

Is johann rojas related to cookie rojas
Cookie Rojas is the proud father of two sons named Victor Rojas and Mike Rojas (Credit: Toledo Blade)

Likewise, the aspiring player has not disclosed his professional income.However, his net worth is around $2 million.

Cookie Rojas, by contrast, was born in Havana, Cuba. His father is a doctor and originally wanted Cookie to pursue a career as a doctor.

But Couch’s unwavering passion for baseball led him to pursue a career in the sport he loves so much. He was a successful Major League Baseball player, coach, and manager.

Notably, Kutcher has two sons who have made a name for themselves in baseball. His second son, Victor, is successful in the broadcasting industry.

After serving as lead announcer for the Los Angeles Angels, he moved to general manager for the Frisco Roughriders.

In terms of net worth, Cookie Rojas has amassed even more wealth, sources estimate at $20 million.

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