Is Huw Edwards Leaving BBC After Scandal And Allegations? Where Is He Now?

Is Huw Edwards leaving BBC after scandal and allegations? Welsh journalist Huw Edwards works as a newsreader and broadcaster. 

The BBC’s premier evening news show, BBC News at Ten, is hosted by Edwards.

Edwards hosts the BBC’s coverage of national and worldwide events and can occasionally be seen filling in or serving as the show’s host on BBC News at Six, BBC News at One, BBC Weekend News, Daily Politics, and BBC World News.

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From 2006 to 2020, he served as the host of BBC News at Five, which aired on the BBC News channel. 

An unnamed BBC presenter has recently caused controversy after being accused of indulging in illegal activity, including obscene photos of a youngster.

Since the identity of the suspended BBC worker has remained a secret, there has been a lot of furious conjecture and associations with several well-known people.

Huw Edwards, a well-known BBC presenter, Welsh journalist, and newsreader, is one such person who has been incorrectly accused in these conjectures.

It is crucial to make clear that these accusations are unfounded and inaccurate. Read on till the end to learn more about Huw Edwards leaving news.


Is Huw Edwards Leaving BBC After Scandal And Allegations?

Is Huw Edwards leaving BBC after scandal and allegations? The BBC initially reported that he resigned at 6 o’clock but later clarified that he had not.

After the charges were brought to the company, Huw Edwards hosted BBC News.

The Metropolitan Police had just stated that there was “no information to indicate that a criminal offense has been committed” when it was disclosed that the presenter at the center of the claims was Edwards.

Is Huw Edwards Leaving BBC
People want to know is Huw Edwards leaving BBC. (Source: Telegraph)

A BBC spokesperson responded to the Metropolitan Police’s announcement that it would not take further action, saying: “The police had previously asked us to pause our fact-finding investigations, and we will now move forward with that work, ensuring due process and a comprehensive assessment of the facts, while continuing to be mindful of our duty of care to all involved.”

Later, the company said that Edwards was dealing with “yet more allegations of inappropriate behavior” toward BBC coworkers.

Then, South Wales Police released a statement claiming that they had also looked into the claims and had not discovered any proof of any criminal offenses being committed.

Where Is He Now?

According to his wife, Huw Edwards is being treated in a hospital for “serious mental health issues” after being named the BBC broadcaster at the center of the claims.

After several days of rumors, his wife, Vicky Flind, stated she spoke on his behalf “primarily out of concern for his mental well-being and to protect our children.”

According to The Sun, he paid a teenager for sexually graphic pictures. According to the Met Police, Edwards won’t suffer any legal repercussions.

According to the family statement, Mr. Edwards plans to address the accusations directly once he is healthy.

The statement said: After five days that have been incredibly trying for our family, I am releasing this statement on behalf of my husband Huw Edwards in light of the recent reports surrounding the ‘BBC Presenter. The main reasons I’m taking this action are to safeguard our kids and to protect his mental health.

Huw Edwards Leaving
According to Edwards’ wife, she made the connection out of concern for his mental health and to protect our children. (Source: National World)

Huw has significant mental health problems. He has just received treatment for severe depression, as is generally known.

He has experienced another critical episode and is currently getting inpatient hospital care, where he will remain for the foreseeable future. The events of the last few days have significantly deteriorated the situation.

She expressed the hope that the declaration would end rumors about BBC presenters who were unrelated to the charges.


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