Is Gabriel Fernandez Parents Still Alive? Where Are They Now?

Gabriel Fernandez, an eight-year-old child, was brutally murdered by his mother and stepfather. 

The child was from Palmdale, California, and was abused and tortured for months by his mother, Pearl Fernandez, and her boyfriend, Isauro Aguirre. The accused was sentenced to severe punishment by the American court of justice. Check out if Gabriel Fernandez’s Parents are still alive and where they are now.

The American parents Arnold and Pearl Fernandez welcomed their son Gabriel into the world on February 20, 2005. Arnold and Paerl got divorced shortly after Gabriel’s birth. Gabriel’s great uncle, Michael Lemos Carranza, and his partner David Martinez (Same-sex partner) took custody of Gabriel Fernandez (victim).

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He continued to live with his uncles for four years. In 2009 the victim moved to his grandparents because his grandparents objected same-sex marriage of Carranza and Martinez (the victim’s uncle). Gabriel lived with his grandparents until 2012. In the same year victim’s mother, Pearl Fernandez regained custody of his son Gabriel Fernandez. 

Is Gabriel Fernbandez Parents Stilll Alive?

Gabriel’s mother and boyfriend continuously beat their child for two days before he was found dead. As soon as the Police knew about the crime, they took immediate action against the accused parents and brought them into Police custody for further investigation. 

In November 2017, Pearl Fernandez, and her boyfriend, Isauro Aguirre, were found guilty of child torture and first-degree murder. Fernandez’s parents were in separate trials under the jurisdiction. Is Gabriel Fernandez’s Parents Still Alive? is the query by many internet users.

Gabriel Mother and Step Father
Gabriel-Mother-and-Step-Father. (Source Image: TheSun)

Under the child criminal act, Isauro was sentenced to the death penalty. He is still alive and on a death queue at the infamous San Quentin prison. 

In February 2018, Gabriel’s mother, Pear Fernandez, filed a plea deal herself, which means she did not want to stand trial in court. She also stated that she would be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of mercy. Under the same circumstances, Pearl Fernandez was sentenced to life imprisonment. 


Is Gabriel Fernandez’s Parents Still Alive? is a matter of questioning. According to express news, Gabriel Fernandez is still alive, and she is serving her life improvement sentence in Chowchilla State Women’s Prison, California.

 However, Pearl Fernandez’s attorney has filed a petition regarding the wrongful imprisonment and needs plenty of life improvement. The attorney argued that Gabriel’s mother, Pearl, has a low IQ, which is why she did not know that she was committing a serious crime. 

Where Are They Now (Gabriel Fernandez’s Parents)?

Gabriel Fernandez’s parents were sent to prison for their devil act in 2017. Pear and Issauro were guilty of child abuse, torture, and murder. Is Gabriel’s Parents Still Alive? Read below to learn more. 

Initially, Gabriel’s mother and stepfather were supposed to be heard in the same court as they resulted in the same crime under the same conditions; however, a separate route was not possible because Pearl Fernandez and Isauro Aguirre were not legally married. 

Pearl Fernandez The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez
Pearl-Fernandez in California Prison. (Source Image: Womenhealthmag)

The issuer is sentenced to the death penalty by the American court of justice, and he is currently waiting for his legal death penalty in the infamous San Quentin prison. Gabriel’s Mother, Mrs. Fernandez, is sentenced to life imprisonment under the same jurisdiction.

According to the final statement of the district criminal court in California, Pearl was only sentenced to life imprisonment despite the death penalty for two reasons. 

The first one is Pearl was a drug addict, and she had lost her brain at that moment, and the other reason is due not the drug consumption; her IQ level was quite low. Pearl is currently breathing healthy and is spending her life as a prisoner in Chowchilla State Women’s Prison, California.

Pearl Fernandez’s Regretted On Her Son’s Death?

Deborah S Miora is a Clinical and forensic neuropsychologist responsible for Gabriel Fernandez’s defense. He reported to the attorney that Pearl Fernandez had an intellectual disability that caused her to be unable to use their thought process to guide her temper and emotional reactions.

gabriel fernandez bruised
Gabriel-Fernandez-Brushed. (Image Source: AllThatIsInteresting)

Mora also concluded that Pearls had a troubled childhood. She had experience negligence and abuse from a very young age. Pearl could not think about what she was doing with her child, which resulted in her son’s death. 


At the sentencing hearing, Pearl told the court-“I want to say I’m sorry to my family for what I did. I wish Peral were alive. Every day I wish that Id made better choices. I am sorry to my children, and I want them to know that I love them” In exchange Superior Court Judge George G Lomeli said to her, “Your Conduct was Horrendous, Inhumane, and nothing sort of evil.”

In the end, Mrs. Fernandez regretted his child’s death, although what she did to her young child was monstrous.

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