Is Baeza Rapper In Jail? Arrest And Charge- What Did He Do?

Baeza Rapper Jail News has been trending in social media as many believe the rapper was arrested.

Anthony Baeza, better known as Baeza, is a rapper, singer, Actor, hip-hop producer, and composer from Fresno, California.

Baeza started releasing his tracks and music videos in 2009, and his debut mixtape, Dough and Dro, was released in early 2013.

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Since then, he has released several studio albums, including “Thug Book” and “All Bases Covered,” and has established himself as a prominent and famous musician in the West Coast hip-hop scene.

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His poetic flow, as well as his introspective and approachable lyrics, have gained him praise. His music typically concentrates on themes of love, sadness, and resilience, and he regularly raps about his trials and tribulations.

Is Baeza Rapper In Jail? Arrest And Charge Explored

Jesse Anthony Valenzuela Baeza, 23, was arrested and charged with a controlled drug (cocaine), a third-degree felony, and possession of a controlled substance, a class A misdemeanor.

We discovered that Anthony Ray Baeza was arrested for a second-degree crime after consulting a few reliable websites.

Baeza Rapper Jail
Fresno rapper Baeza was locked up in Pima county jail in Arizona. (source: Twitter)

This is not the first time Baeza has run into legal difficulty. He has been detained several times in the past and has been charged with drug and weapon possession.

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The circumstances of his detention are now unknown, but he is being detained in a local jail and is facing significant criminal accusations.

Many of Baeza’s followers, who have followed his career and music for years, have been astonished and saddened by this news. He has a devoted fanbase in the West Coast hip-hop culture due to his smooth flow and accessible lyrics.

What Did Baeza Rapper Do? Career Explored

Anthony Baeza was found guilty on four counts of aggravated assault with a dangerous weapon and a second-degree felony. We were able to obtain these insights after consulting oaoa.

Baeza, an American rapper from Fresno, California, was recently arrested and charged with domestic battering – third-degree and false imprisonment. 

Baeza Rapper Jail
Rapper antony ray baeza arrested in Arizona (source: youtube)

Possession of a restricted drug (marijuana), a misdemeanor of class B. Officers stopped Baeza’s silver 2009 Nissan Altima in the 1700 block of South Grant Avenue at 10:03 am on January 24.

When Police approached Baeza, they detected a pungent marijuana stench inside the car. Officers discovered Baeza with marijuana, cocaine, 4.5 grams of hydrocodone, and a makeshift aluminum foil pipe.

Baeza was unable to give a prescription for hydrocodone. Baeza, 446 W. Apache St., was released from the Ector County Detention Center on $16,500 bail on January 25.

What Is Baeza Rapper’s Net Worth 2023?

Baeza’s net worth is between $1 million and $2 million (According to wikispro). Through his profession, he has amassed a million-dollar fortune.

Baeza is a recording artist and producer who rose to prominence on YouTube. “Far From Ready,” his biggest hit tune, was written and produced by him. Strictly Business Apparel is his clothing firm.

According to him, the song was composed by Baeza, “about an ex-girlfriend. We had broken up, and all of these things just struck me, and when I go through real-life stuff, I write it down in a song, which is how it came about.”

His Father urged him to pursue a musical career. Mia is his daughter’s name. On his 2014 single “Roll With Me,” he featured Clyde Carson.

Currently contracted to Empire Distribution, his tune “Roll With Me” was released in September 2014, featuring rapper Clyde Carson. It was eventually included in his second EP, The Man, released in August 2014 via Baeza Music.

In the fall of 2014, he shared stages with Roach Gigz on the California Nights Tour and worked on a video for “Certified Freaks” with Baby Bash.

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