Is Aria Martin In Jail? 33-Year-Old Women Arrested After Ramming Multiple Cars

Is Aria Martin in Jail? After ramming several vehicles in a Mission Viejo parking lot, a woman was arrested.

Authorities say a driver they believe to be under the influence of drugs repeatedly crashed into cars in a Mission Viejo parking lot, just missing individuals who attempted to stop him.

According to Sgt. Mike Woodroof of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, the driver of a dark Nissan Rogue, later identified as 33-year-old Aria Martin, repeatedly struck the vehicles.

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She did this on Thursday before 1:30 pm in a parking lot in the 24000 block of Chrisanta Drive.

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Is Aria Martin In Jail?

Is Aria Martin In Jail? The Orange County Sheriff’s Office reported that a lady, 33, was taken into custody following a chase that she gave authorities after hitting several other vehicles.

According to jail records, Aria Alexandra Martin was held under a $25,000 bail.

A lady driving a black SUV is seen in a video posted to social media hitting several cars in a parking lot on Chrisanta Dr. and La Paz Rd. in Mission Viejo on Thursday.

A few individuals attempted to stop the woman, but one of them nearly got hit as she drove toward him.

Aria Martin in Jail
Aria Martin in Jail. (Source: Youtube)

The woman was taken into custody after ramming into several automobiles and giving Police chase.

A 33-year-old woman was in jail on Friday on suspicion of slamming several vehicles in a Mission Viejo parking lot before engaging law enforcement on the 5 Freeway.

The motorist, who appeared to be under the influence, rammed into at least 10 cars, according to deputies, before speeding away.

After that, she gave Police a brief chase as they traveled south on the 5 Freeway towards San Juan Capistrano.

33-Year-Old Women Aria Martin Arrested After Ramming Multiple Cars

Martin repeatedly accelerated and wrecked in many TikTok videos and Twitter messages, but he did not get out of the car.

 When Martin’s Nissan Rogue accelerated toward the individual who had approached her, the person had to flee.

The Nissan Rogue hit another parked car so forcefully that its bumper ended up on the ground. When the driver turned around the SUV, a different person tried to unlock the driver’s side door but relented.

According to Woodroof, no injuries have been reported. Martin backed out of the parking lot and onto the southbound 5 highway. The California Highway Patrol was called when she found herself in a work zone.

The Nissan Rogue was stopped on the motorway, and OnSceneTV video showed at least one police pointing a gun at it. As Police arrived at the event and arrested Martin, traffic came to a complete stop.

She was detained and lodged in jail on allegations of felony vandalism and assault with a dangerous weapon. 

Aria Martin in Jail
Woman crashes into 10+ cars in OC parking lot. (Source: Nayag Tricks)

According to Woodroof, she was accused of careless and drugged driving. Martin has been taken into custody, although it’s unknown whether she was operating her own car.

A 33-year-old woman was detained on suspicion of ramming several vehicles in a Mission Viejo parking lot on Thursday, just before she got into a standoff with law enforcement on the 5 Freeway.

According to Orange County sheriff’s Sgt. Michael Woodroof, Martin is accused of slamming several vehicles at about 1:30 pm on Thursday in a parking lot, then departing and being stopped on the freeway south of Oso Parkway.

According to Woodroof, she resisted as officers tried to pull her out of the car but eventually gave in.

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