Hira Faisal Leaked Video and Scandal: Controversy With Jannat Mirza

Leaked video of Hira Faisal has caused controversy for Pakistani model Hira Faisal. Learn more in today’s article.

Hira Faisal is a famous social media personality from Pakistan. She is also a YouTuber and TikTok celebrity with a sizable fan base.

She launched her YouTube channel on 14th July 2016 and has come a long way. Faisal’s channel now has over 769,000 subscribers.

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Faisal shares a variety of videos people love on his YouTube channel. On the other hand, she is mostly known for her TikTok and her Hira followers have already surpassed her 3 million.

Leaked video of Hira Faisal goes viral on Twitter

Hira Faisal is a TikTok celebrity whose name is linked to the leaked video. Everyone took to various social media platforms, including Twitter, to ask questions about Faisal’s leaked video.

Many unauthorized sources on the Internet made news headlines with Sheila Faisal’s leaked video. As a result, many online users believe Faisal was spotted having intimate moments with a man.

Leaked video of Sheila Faisal
Leaked video of Hira Faisal throws TikTok personality into controversy. (Source: Instagram)

Sheila’s fans and followers went wild and everyone was shocked. So people started asking about it, but Sheila said nothing about it.

Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that the viral video related to Hilla is fake and was only shared on social media platforms to get likes and views for the post.

The Twitter account has shared fake videos using Sheila’s name to confuse followers.

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Sheila Faisal Scandal: Explaining Controversy with Jannas Mirza

The Sheila Faisal scandal is searched by many people on the internet. Recently, a fake video showing the close contact between the two went viral on social media.

As a result, Faisal is embroiled in controversy, claiming that the woman in the viral video is Faisal. But there is no truth in this.

Battle of Sheila Faisal and Jannas Mirza
The match video between Hira Faisal and Jannat Mirza has been shared on many YouTube channels. (Source: YouTube)

In addition to this, Hilla also has a relationship with Janat Mirza, who is said to have had a long feud online. Some of his YouTube channels produced videos of the battle between Faisal and Mirza.

After receiving backlash on social media, Mirza shared something on her Instagram story to talk about it. She said people who shared fake news inspired her.

Hila Faisal vs Jannat Mirza match video

Similar to Hira Faisal’s viral video, his match video with Jannat Mirza is also being searched a lot on social media. They never had a physical quarrel.

As such, videos of their fights cannot be found anywhere on the internet. In addition, many YouTube channels produced videos of Faisal and Mirza’s fight.

Yanat Mirza
Jannat Mirza is said to have had an online fight with Hira Faisal, but she has already spoken about it on her IG story. (Source: Instagram)

For this reason, everyone has been looking for it for a long time. Jannat, by the way, is also a TikTok celebrity, who has addressed these issues after being hit hard.

More information on this subject will be updated you can keep coming Learn more interesting information.

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