Himiko Toga Death: Is She Dead Or Alive? What Happened

Himiko Toga death has become sensational news as My Hero Academia chapter 395 has given spoilers and raw scans, gripping netizens’ excitement.

Throughout My Hero Academia, Himiko Toga might not have always been the most captivating member of the League of Villains.

However, her psychopathic nature and versatile Transform Quirk have undeniably secured her place as one of the series’ most unforgettable antagonists.

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As the final war in the series concludes, Toga’s character arc also climaxes, and her persistent animosity towards Uraraka Ochaco sets her apart in a unique position.

Instead of choosing redemption, Toga deliberately embraces her villainous path, solidifying her as one of the most significant adversaries in the series thus far.

Based on the recent news, My Hero Academia chapter 395 spoilers and raw scans reveal a heartbreaking outcome as Ochaco Uraraka faces off against Himiko Toga.

Let’s look into what happened to learn everything about the state of Himiko Toga and what happened to her.

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Himiko Toga Death: Is She Dead Or Alive?

My Hero Academia chapter 395 has made it clear that their confrontation was never intended to end on a positive note. 

Yes, Himiko Toga died, and the official translation will be released in Weekly Shonen Jump issue 33 on Monday, July 24, at midnight JST.

Toga, realizing the harm caused by her actions, including hurting Ochaco Uraraka, understands that the world is worth protecting, thanks to Ochaco’s words.

Himiko Toga Death
In a heartbreaking scene with Ochaco Uraraka, Himiko Toga succumbed to death (Source: Zerochan)

In a surprising turn, Toga saves Ochaco by giving her all her blood. She transforms into Ochaco and facilitates a blood transfusion using needles.

As Ochaco’s body starts to heal, she becomes concerned about the consequences of Toga’s actions.

Furthermore, she pleads with Toga to stop, but Toga dismisses her concerns as “weird” and continues.

Toga confesses that despite Dabi burning down the oppressive place from her past, the pain in her heart persisted. Ochaco’s compassion lifted that burden.

Toga realizes that if she had been treated with the same love as Ochaco showed her during her childhood, she would have used her Quirk not out of envy but pure love.

With her transformative ability, she could have saved many lives by donating the extra blood she acquired.

Anime: What Happened To Himiko Toga

As the rest of the League of Villains faces defeat and loss, Toga finds fewer allies left by her side.

There had been speculation that she might be the one to make the League’s final stand, a fitting conclusion for a beginner to embrace her villainous identity.

This surprising turn in her character has profoundly shocked and captivated all those who have been following the anime.

In My Hero Academia chapter 395, “What Lies Beyond My Happiness,” the story begins with the sudden disappearance of the Twice clones.

Among them are the clones that Iida and Hawks encountered as they headed towards the Todoroki family.

Himiko Toga Death
Himiko Toga sacrificed her life to save Ochaco Uraraka (Source:

Hawks reflects on Twice’s goodness as he observes this. Toga, who possesses a knife that allows her to transform into people she loves, admits that using it was a mistake.

She finds Ochaco Uraraka lying nearby, weakened from blood loss due to a stab wound.

In the preceding chapter, Ochaco underwent a Quirk Awakening and battled against Toga’s Dead Man’s Legion to safeguard everyone’s well-being.

Despite sustaining injuries, she formed an emotional bond with Toga, providing the support needed to overcome her past traumas.

It consequently led to the disappearance of the Twice clones, and the spoilers strongly suggest that Toga ultimately sacrifices herself for Ochaco.

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