Gwent Tragedy: Who Was Leon Jeanne Son Rafel Jeanne-Actie? Death And Obituary

Leon Jeanne son Rafel Jeanne-Actie is among the three friends killed in an accident in Cardiff.

Following the news of the tragic incident, many people posted obituaries on the passing of the ex-Cardiff footballer’s son online.

Jeanne-Actie and his friend Shane Loughlin were reported missing along with three girls, Sophie Russon, Eve Smith, and Darcy Ross.

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The five pals were last seen enjoying a night out at the Muffler nightclub in Newport, Wales, on Friday, March 3, 2023.

After the disappearance of the five friends, police launched a desperate search attempt to find them for over three days.

Sadly, the car they were driving met with a fatal accident that took three lives and seriously injured two.

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Rafel Jeanne-Actie- Who Was Leon Jeanne Son

Rafel Jeannne-Actie, one of the three confirmed dead in the horrible Gwent tragedy, was the son of former Cardiff and QPR footballer Leon Jeanne.

Jeanne-Actie was a 24-year-old from Cardiff, Wales, who died in the fateful accident in Gwent, where Eve Smith and Darcy Ross, both 21, also lost their lives. 

Rafel followed in his father’s footsteps and was an aspiring footballer.

He used to play for a local Welsh club Saint Albans AFC, where he joined in 2021 and scored seven goals and two assists.

The tragic victim’s father, Leon Jeanne, 42, is a former QPR and Cardiff City football player.

He started his career with Queens Park Rangers in 1997 and went on to play for clubs such as Barry Town, Port Talbot, and Cardiff Corinthians.

Leon Jeanne Son
Leon Jeanne Son, Rafel Jeanne-Actie was one of the three people that died in a car accident in Gwent. (Source: The Sun)

The car the friends were last seen in was found by police on the A48 in St Mellons early Monday.

The road is a significant Cardiff route, where the vehicle was found near a busy roundabout close to a garden center.

20-year-old Sophie Russon and 32-year-old Shane Loughlin were seriously injured in the accident.

The five pals had been reported missing since they were last seen enjoying themselves at the Muffler nightclub in Newport, Wales, on Friday, March 3, 2023.

Rafel reportedly had a romantic relationship with Darcy Ross, who died in the accident.

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Rafel Jeanne-Actie Tributes And Obituaries

Following Rafel Jeanne-Actie’s death, many friends and well-wishers paid tributes and posted obituaries on social media.

Rafel is remembered as a lovely and kind lad who would do anything for his pals.

A friend posted a tribute on Facebook, writing that he is gutted for Rafel’s family and will always be remembered.

Saint Albans AFC, a Cardiff football club where Rafel played, posted a tribute on Twitter with condolences to his family and all the families involved.

Several top British media agencies have extensively covered the accident news, both online and in printed forms.

The scene of the accident killed three and injured two. (Source: Mirror)

Many people from Cardiff and Wales took to social media to pay their tributes to the victims.

One of the deceased, Eve Smith, starred in a television documentary about her sister’s death in an accident several years earlier.

Eve’s sister, Xana Doyle, was the victim of an accident that took her life eight years ago, which was covered in the Star of Sky documentary.

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