Gisele Bündchen Net Worth: Modelling Career, Cars & Lifestyle

A Brazilian model, businesswoman, and activist Gisele Bundchen have a total net worth of $400million.

She is the first Brazilian Supermodel to get international fame.

Bundchen started modeling in 1993 and had her first break in 1996 at New York fashion week when she was just 16 years old.

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Gisele Bundchen (Source:

She was Victoria’s Secret Angel from 2000 to 2007 and has signed Victoria’s Secret’s most significant contract to date.

Gisele is given credit for pioneering and popularizing the ‘Horse Walk’ in models.

Moreover, Vogue also credited Gisele for ending the heroin chic era and leading for the healthy look with curves and golden tan in modeling.

Furthermore, She is credited for creating the newest ‘the Brazilian bombshell‘ category of models.

The mother of two has made tremendous achievements in her career and her philanthropic works, which many women may find inspiring to become beautiful from the inside out.

Quick Facts

Full name Gisele Caroline Bündchen
Nicknames Gise, The Midas Queen, La Bundchen, The Hurricane 
Date of Birth 20 July 1980
Age  43
Birthplace Horizontina, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Height 5 ft 11 in (1.80m)
Weight 57 kgs
Hair color Light brown
Eye color Blue
Shoe size 7 US 
Horoscope Cancer
Nationality Brazilian 
Ethnicity German 
Religion Roman Catholic
Education Not completed high school, done modeling course 
Parents Vania Nonnenmacher and Valdir Bundchen
Siblings 5 sisters with a fraternal twin 
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married (2009)
Spouse Tom Brady
Children 2
Profession Model, Actress, Activist
Active Since 1996
Languages Portuguese, English, Italian, Spanish, and French 
Net Worth $400 million
The main source of Income Modeling, Endorsements, Acting, Producing
Salary $40 million
Endorsements Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein, Pantene, Volkswagen, etc.
Agency  Left IMG Models in February 2021 and made her sister Patricia her manager.
Social Media Accounts Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Last Update August, 2023

Net Worth and Income

Gisele Bundchen possesses a net worth of $400. A significant portion of her net worth comes from modeling.

Besides, she earns a whole lot of fortune from her endorsements and investments.

She has been the queen of the modeling world for over a decade and was the top-earning model from 2002 to 2017.

In the year 2012, Forbes listed Bundchen as top 8th on “Entertainments’ highest-paid women.”

Again in the following year, 2013, Forbes ranked her as 3rd on the 16 Most Successful Female Entrepreneurs list.

In 2002, she partnered with Grendene and launched her own line of Ipanema sandals which, according to Forbes, made more than 60% of Grendene’s annual exports, roughly about $250 million.

Along with Ipanema sandals and other lines of products including lingerie, jewellery and sejaa skincare, her products generate approximately $1 billion in sales, in a year.

With her extremely successful career, she has made many lucrative endorsement deals with companies like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein, Pantene, H&M, Carolina Herrera, Emilio Pucci, Balenciaga, Apple Inc, Volkswagen, and so on.

Even though she ended her career as a runway model in 2015, she was listed as the top 5 highest-paid models in the year 2018.

As of the present, her salary counts for about $40 million per year.

Gisele Bundchen House, Cars and Aircraft

Gisele Bundchen House

Bundchen and her husband bought a home in Indian Creek Island in Miami-Dade County in 2020.

They bought the house for $17 million, which is a 5,172 sq. foot, 5 bedrooms, and 5 bathrooms abode on a two-acre lot.

Gisele Bundchen House in Miami, Florida (Source: Business Insider)

Since Gisele is conscious about her choices according to their effect on the environment, they plan to demolish the house and build a new eco-friendly home.

The Island is also called “the Billionaire Bunker” and has just 30 houses and 86 population so far.

Bundchen’s neighbors include billionaires like Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, Carl Icahn, Norman Braman, Jaime Gilinski Bacal, etc.

Previously, they lived in Davis Island, Tampa Bay, Florida, in a mansion of 30,875 square feet, which they rented from Derek Jeter.

Gisele Bundchen Cars

Gisele is an environmentally conscious celebrity and seems to keep that in mind while buying her cars.

Yet, she managed to have an impressive collection of cars.

The first car on the list is a Silver BMW X5, a mid-size luxury crossover SUV which she bought in 2010 at $57,000.

BMW X5 (Source: Bornrich)

Next on the list is Lexus GS 450 H-Full Hybrid, which she bought for $57,000 in 2010.

It can reach to the top speed of 250 km/h or 155 Mph and a 3.5-liter V6 engine combined with a high-output electric motor.

The Lexus GS 450h is a Super Ultra Low Emissions Car.

Lexus GS 450 H-Full Hybrid (Source:

In addition to that, she has a Black Audi A8, a silver Audi S8, a Range Rover HSE LUX, and a Rolls Royce Ghost.

Gisele Bundchen Aircraft

The Brazilian Supermodel owns a private super-speed jet Gulfstream G550 which she bought in 2008 at a whopping $50 million.

Gulfstream G550 (Source: Wikimedia)

The Supermodel bought it during the busiest days in her professional career to help her move between home and workplace.

The two Rolls-Royce BR710 engines power the G550, which can push it to a maximum altitude of 51,000 feet and a maximum cruise speed of 488 knots.

Gisele Bundchen Lifestyle and Vacation


Gisele and her family follow a strict diet regime self-branded by her husband.

The diet regime is famously named TB12 Method, including raw, vegan, and organic ingredients, which are also dairy and gluten-free.

Their food also excludes sugar, tomatoes, eggplant, etc., and they have avocado ice cream as a treat.

Tom Brady Gisele Bundchen
Tom Brady Gisele Bundchen (Source: Martha Stewart)

In addition, Bundchen also carries clean eating habits and prioritizes homegrown food.

She also practices yoga and mindfulness. Meanwhile, she also does exercises and practices martial arts.

Recent Vacation

Bundchen and her family go on vacation whenever possible, taking a holiday from their busy schedule.

Recently, they were seen having a relaxing time in Costa Rica after her husband’s victory in Super Bowl 2021.

Though Gisele and her family do not spend much on luxury items as millionaires do but they sure have a luxurious vacation in different parts of the world quite often.

Want to read more about her husband, Tom Brady??


Bundchen is focused on different environmental and social issues and supports various charitable and non-profit organizations.

She has regularly supported the United Nations, WWF, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, RED, and St. Francis Food Pantries and Shelters.

She has also started the Luz Foundation in 2007, which works to empower girls and help them deal with self-esteem issues.

Furthermore, she donates directly to help different campaigns.

She donated $1.5 million to relief efforts in Haiti in 2009 and also donated $150,000 to Brazil’s Zero Hunger program.

Additionally, Bundchen also donates a percentage of the profit of her sandals line to protect Amazon Rainforest water sources.

Gisele prioritizes her philanthropic works and is involved in numerous campaigns and projects on social and environmental issues throughout the world.

She has also been involved with Save the Children, Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders.

Bundchen is a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Program since 2009.

Furthermore, she is a board member of Rainforest Alliance since 2014.

Movies, Investments, Endorsements, and book publications


She has done two movies till now; her debut movie was Taxi (2004). In 2006 she did her next movie, The Devil Wears Prada.

She has also been featured in four documentaries Coração Vagabundo (2008), Mademoiselle C. (2013), Tom vs. Time (2018), and Kiss The Ground (2020).

In the year 1996, she also hosted Season 3 of MTV al Dente on television.

Moreover, The O.C. (2006) featured the model as herself in Episode: “The Heavy Lifting.” She also voiced Gisele in Gisele & the Green Team (2010-11).

In addition to that, she sang and played on the music video of All Day and All of the Night ( 2013) and Heart of Glass (2014).


Besides being a popular face in the fashion industry, Bundchen is also a productive entrepreneur.

She has made investments in different sectors and makes a good fortune out of them.

Gisele has launched several brand lines in her name in collaboration with different companies.

Ipanema sandals are produced with Grendene: a synthetic footwear company.

Similarly, Hope: a lingerie manufacturer, produces Brazilian intimates under Bundchen’s name.

Moreover, She launched an eco-friendly line of beauty products, Sejaa Pure Skin Care, in 2011.

Furthermore, she also makes investments in real estate with her husband, Tom Brady.

Recently, in 2020, they sold a property in Massachusetts, which was a custom-built 12,000-square-foot mansion, for $32.5 million, sitting on the land they purchased in 2013 for $4.5 million.

In addition, She has invested a minimum of $100 million in 3G Capital Inc, an investment firm, in 2016 and owns the Brazilian Hotel Palladium Executive.


As a result of being a supermodel, Gisele has made several lucrative endorsement deals with major companies in the world.

Some of them are Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein, Pantene, H&M, Carolina Herrera, Emilio Pucci, Balenciaga, Apple Inc, Volkswagen, etc.


Lessons: My Path to a meaningful life by Gisele (Source:

In 2018, she released her book Lessons: My Path to a meaningful life. It was New York Times bestseller and best-selling book in Brazil for more than six months.

The revenue from the book went to support social and environmental conditions.

Gisele Bundchen’s Career

Throughout her career, she has been cover of more than 2000 magazines, appeared in more than 550 ad campaigns, has become the face for more than 20 international brands, and walked on almost 800 fashion shows.


Phytoervas Fashion Award – Model of the year (1998)
Vh1/ Vogue Fashion Awards- Model of the year(1999)
Harvard Medical Schoo- Global Citizen Award (2011)
International Green Awards-Best Green International Celebrity Award (2011)
Green Carpet Fashion Award- Eco Laureate award (2017)

Gisele is the perfect combination of power and beauty.

During her early career days in 2000, she was named the most beautiful girl in the world, and later in 2014, Forbes listed her at rank 89th on the Most Powerful Women list.

3 Facts about Gisele Bundchen

  • In 2015, the Guinness World Record book featured the supermodel as the model to earn the most money from June 2014 to June 2015.
  • In 1998 a Spring ready-to-wear show, “Rain,” selected Bundchen for her ability to walk in towering heels on a slippery runway.
  • She started her philanthropy on social and environmental causes as early as 2000.


Did Gisele Bundchen dated Leonardo DiCaprio?

Yes, She dated Leonardo from 1999 to 2005.

Who has a higher net worth, Gisele or her husband, Tom Brady?

Gisele. As she has a total net worth of $400 million, but that of Tom Brady is $200 million.

Has Gisele Bundchen undergone plastic surgery?

Yes, She had breast implants in 2015 after having two kids but regretted it later.

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