Gary Lineker Controversy And Sandal: What Did He Say About Quarter?

The Gary Lineker controversy surrounding his comments on the Brexit vote in 2016 sparked a backlash on social media.

Gary Lineker, former professional football player turned broadcaster, has been the subject of numerous controversies due to his outspoken nature on social media. 

He is no stranger to controversy and has landed himself in hot water on more than one occasion due to his comments on various issues, including politics and football. 

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This article will explore some of the most notable Gary Lineker controversies, including his comments about the Brexit vote and a recent controversy involving his comments about a quarter.

Gary Lineker Controversy: What Happened?

Gary Lineker has been involved in several controversies over the years, many of which have centered around his comments on Twitter.

One of the most notable controversies involving Lineker occurred in 2016 following the Brexit vote. Lineker, a vocal supporter of remaining in the EU, expressed his dismay at the result on social media, calling it a “catastrophe.”

Gary tweet
Despite the controversy, Lineker has stood by his comments, arguing that it is important to speak out against policies that he believes are unjust. (Source: Twitter)

This sparked a backlash from some Twitter users, with some calling for him to be sacked from his job as a sports broadcaster for the BBC. Despite the criticism, Lineker refused to back down and continued to express his views on the issue.

More recently, Lineker found himself embroiled in another controversy, this time over a tweet he made about a quarter. Lineker tweeted that he found it “fascinating” that a quarter of the UK population could believe in conspiracy theories.

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The tweet was met with backlash from some Twitter users, who accused Lineker of being elitist and out of touch with the views of ordinary people.

Gary Lineker Scandal: What Did He Say About Quarter? 

Lineker’s tweet about a quarter of the UK population was widely criticized for its perceived condescending tone and scandal.

Some Twitter users accused Lineker of being out of touch with the views of ordinary people and failing to understand why people might believe in conspiracy theories.

Lineker is being questioned by the BBC over equating the UK’s asylum policy with Germany’s in the 1930s. (Source:

Lineker defended his tweet, stating he was not trying to be elitist or dismissive of people’s views. He argued that it was important to challenge conspiracy theories and that people needed to be willing to engage in open and honest discussions about controversial topics.

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Despite Lineker’s attempts to clarify his position, the controversy continued to rumble on, with some calling for him to apologize for his comments.

Fiona Bruce Accused After The Controversial Tweet

Gary Lineker is not the only high-profile broadcaster embroiled in controversy over social media comments.

Fiona Bruce, who presents the BBC’s Question Time, was recently accused of bias after a tweet she made about a guest on the show.

Bruce tweeted that she was “impressed” by the Conservative MP for her “grace under Fire” during a heated debate on the program. The tweet was criticized by some Twitter users, who accused Bruce of being biased towards the Conservative Party.

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Bruce defended her tweet, stating that it was a personal opinion and that she had no bias toward any political Party. She argued that it was important to recognize when politicians displayed grace under pressure, regardless of their political affiliations.

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