Fito Olivares Death And Obituary: How Did The Mexican Music Legend Die?

The Mexican music star Fito Olivares death news has shattered his fans and music lovers. People are paying tribute to the music star online. 

Fito Olivares was a famous Mexican cumbia musician. He is also famous as Rodolfo Olivares; He rose to fame after being part of the Duet Estrella in Ciudad Miguel Alemán, Tam. 

Further, in 1962, Abel Martínez, Bernardo Gómez and Noé Santos invited the late musician. Following the years, the Fito composed a song, “Ya No Eres Mia,” leading to an LP of the Duet Estrella.

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Similarly, Fito became famous in no time, and in 1979 Olivares became part of Tam and Tex. And he wrote songs including “La Otra Musiquera,” “Mi Tamaulipeca,” and “Flor de Lirio.”

Later, the singer had his recording studio, Japonica Studio, and publisher, where he recorded his songs, Sabrosura Music. 

Fito Olivares Obituary: Fans Pay Tribute

Fito Olivares’s obituary has left everyone sad as the Mexican music is confirmed to be dead. Social media is covered with the death news of Fito, and his fans and followers are paying tribute to him.

His wife broke the sad news with the media, and currently, the news is making rounds on the internet. Fans have chosen social media to pay tribute to the late musician.

Fito Olivares Death
Fan pays tribute to Fito Olivares. (Source: Twitter)

Fito was loved by many, and his musical works have helped him gain name and fame. Following his death news, people are concerned about his death cause which we’ve discussed below in detail.

Fito Olivares Death Cause: How Did The Mexican Music Legend Die?

As per social media posts, Fito Oliveras is said to be  at the age of 75, and his death cause is said to be a Cancer. A Facebook user wrote that he lost a battle against cancer which was reported by his wife.

The Mexican music legend reportedly took his last breath in his home. The sad news first surfaced on social media. So, more details regarding this topic are yet to get updated.

The family and close ones seem to be seeking privacy at this challenging time as they are mourning Fito’s death. So, we should give them privacy, and the family may give an official statement soon as his fans and followers are waiting for it.

Meanwhile, there is not much information about the musician’s illness. So, it can be said that Fito was battling some disease that took his life away at 75.

Fito Olivares
Fito Olivares performing in his active career. (Source: Twitter)

We, the team of Genuis Celebs, also pay tribute to the late soul and condolence to the devasted family.

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Fito Olivares Wife: Was He Married?

Mexican music legend Fito Olivares was said to be a married man who lived happily with his wife. Like many renowned figures, Fito also kept his personal life confidential, due to which there were very few details about his marriage.

Also, the information about his wife and their dating life remains unknown. But we can be clear that his wife is currently in great pain and was the first to break the sad news. Furthermore, Fito and his wife seemed to had already started their family.

Fito’s son, Rudy Olivares, is also engaged in the music industry, and he recently took to Instagram to pay tribute to his father.

Fito Olivares family
Rudy Olivares shared a video of his father, Fito Olivares. (Source: Instagram)

Rudy  a video from the past where we can see him and his dad together on the stage. Rudy said he was thankful for everything and wouldn’t forget the special moment. In the post, many people left sweet comments and paid tribute too.

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