Ellie Cooper Death News: Getting Jumped Twitter Update- Is She Alive Or Dead?

Is Ellie Cooper dead? In a viral video, Ellie Cooper is viciously attacked by a few other girls, leaving her helpless and unable to defend herself. People worldwide are concerned about the victim and wonder if she is alive or dead.

The girl’s name is reported to be Ellie Cooper, was struck by a few other people, and has attracted the attention of the public.

A video clip of people attacking a girl has gone viral on social media. Although the video seems to have been deleted, too many social media users have already witnessed the incident.

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Since then, people have been curious to know more about the victim. They wonder if Ellie Cooper is alive or dead.

Keep reading to discover what happened to Ellie Cooper and why she was attacked so brutally. Is she alive or dead?

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Ellie Cooper Death News: Getting Jumped Twitter Video- Is She Alive Or Dead?

All the details related to Ellie Cooper are pretty mysterious. As for her death, we could not find any conclusions as no official reports are available. Let’s hope she is alive.

However, there Ellie Cooper’s death rumor is rampant. People are paying tributes and condolences on social media.

Despite the insane attention, none of Ellie’s family and relatives have come forward.

Ellie Cooper Death
Ellie Cooper getting jumped video. (source: Caramesin)

In the viral footage, a girl is  being beaten and having her hair pulled while a group of girls watches.

Furthermore, the third girl is viciously attacked in the video by one to two other girls, leaving her helpless and unable to defend herself.

Although she asks them to assist, the other females don’t appear particularly keen.

As per the reports, some girls are watching and enjoying the scene rather than getting involved and stopping.

What happened to the young lady? Well, the answer remains a mystery.

There are no details on why several girls were betting with a different girl and why they giggled at this scene.

The video seems to have been taken down as it is disturbing. The place in the video is also still being determined. It appears to be a hallway. The victim is wearing a pink skirt.

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Who Is Ellie Cooper? Where Is She From?

Although the name Ellie Cooper has gained massive attention worldwide, there needs to be more information about Ellie Cooper. As a result, her identity remains a mystery.

Regarding her family background, there is no information about Ellie Cooper’s family. While some reports claim Ellie hails from the strong softball circle.

However, we could not find any solid information to support the fact. Let’s hope we will soon find out who is the girl in the video and why she was beaten.

Who is Ellie Cooper? Where is she from, and why did the girls attack her? Ellie is the only person who can answer all the public’s curiosity. Hopefully, Ellie Cooper is still alive and in good health.

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