Eden Knight Death: Transgender Woman Suicide After Family Pressured Her To Detransition

News of Eden Knight’s death went viral on the Internet after she posted a suicide note on Twitter.

Many questions arose about Eden Knight after the suicide note was released.

Police are investigating the incident, and a friend of Knight’s said he believed he was dead.

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Knight is from South Arabia, but attended high school in the United States outside Washington, DC.

Many are waiting for the truth about her death to come out. Investigations are ongoing, but as this news is new, it may take some time.

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Are the Knights of Eden dead?

Eden Knight, a 23-year-old transgender woman from Saudi Arabia now living in the United States, may have died by suicide.

Prior to her disappearance, Knight posted a seemingly suicidal suicide note online, accusing her family of pressure to change her gender.

Eden Knight and his friend Hayden in the US.
Eden Knight and his friend Hayden in the US. (Image source: Mirror)

According to a post shared by a transgender woman, her family allegedly hired a Washington, D.C. “arbitrator” and a lawyer to help her return to Saudi Arabia.

“If you are reading this, I have committed suicide,” Knight wrote in the post.

Following the news, another tweet attributed to Eden Knight’s family announced the death of a “young man” with the same name as Knight.

In addition, the friends were not contacted within 32 hours. Some of them believed she was dead.

News of her death spread, but police were unable to find her body and it was confirmed as a suicide.

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Transgender woman commits suicide after family forced her to change gender

A transgender woman tweeted that she committed suicide under pressure from her family.

On March 12th, she shared a post in which she wrote a final message about how often she feels insecure about her personality and appearance.

Last message shared by trans woman Eden Knight.
Trans woman Eden Knight delivers the final message. (Image source: twitter)

Her lawyer, Mr Vader, from Saudi Arabia, was acting strangely and trying to get out of transition.

The lawyer tried to be friendly with her, but got no response. He lives in her apartment, takes her to dinner, pampers her, and tries to see her therapist, but Knight soon realizes what he’s doing.

Bud often talks about her appearance, saying she’s male and doesn’t like the way she walks.

She was manipulated and then sent to Saudi Arabia, where she spent some time with her family, was conscious and under constant stress.

Knight said he finally put an end to the fighting and sent letters of thanks to friends who had helped him while he was in the United States.

Knight also said that Bud was employed by her family and that three other people were taking care of her, but had nowhere to go.

She is in prison and can’t stand the pressure from her family and the way they speak.

Knight was not treated well and her father called her a loser and an abomination.

People have been praying and grieving. More information may come to light after police interview her parents.

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