Dylan Scanlon Mother Claire Scanlon Arrested And Charged For Murdering Son

Dylan Scanlon mother is arrested and charged for murdering her son. On December 31, 2021, Dylan was discovered dead at Claire Scanlon’s residence on Elm Road in Limeside, Oldham.

The 37-year-old Scanlon allegedly threatened never to see Dylan again in abusive communications with the father of the five-year-old, according to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

On Friday, she will be punished in Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court.

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According to a CPS spokeswoman, the note in the home that suggested she had planned for them both to die was discovered by Greater Manchester Police (GMP) after Dylan’s death.

They claimed that to hide the fact that she had hit the boy, she gave her family and the paramedics, who were called to the residence at around 18:20 GMT, various explanations for why the boy had bruises.

Please read this article till the end to learn more about Dylan Scanlon’s mother, who was arrested for murdering her son.

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Dylan Scanlon Mother Claire Scanlon Arrested And Charged For Murdering Son

After a trial that lasted over five weeks, Dylan Scanlon mother was convicted guilty of his murder.

Claire Scanlon, 38, of Elm Road, Limeside, appeared in court through a connection this afternoon (July 12), hearing the jury’s judgment.

It indicates that the mother will receive a prison term for his slaying.

Despite having 64 different head and body injuries when he was discovered on New Year’s Eve 2021 at Elm Road, mirtazapine toxicity was ultimately revealed to be Dylan’s cause of death.

Scanlon was charged with one count of murder and additional counts of manslaughter, child abuse for repeatedly assaulting the kid, and child abuse for failing to seek medical attention.

Dylan Scanlon Mother
Dylan Scanlon mother is arrested and charged with killing her five years old child. (Source: Express)

It was not established that Judge Amanda Yip would sentence Scanlon at a later time. On Monday, July 10, at about 3.30 pm, the jury was instructed to begin deliberations.

Today at roughly 3:30 pm, the jury found Scanlon guilty on all charges, including the most severe charge of murder.

The jury heard testimony from witnesses throughout the trial, which got underway on June 13, including Shawn Scanlon, another son of Scanlon, and other family members, acquaintances, and neighbors.

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More Details On This Murder Case

Dr. Charles Wilson, a pathologist, provided evidence that Dylan died from a mirtazapine overdose, an antidepressant that Scanlon had given.

Dylan had more than 20 head wounds, which Dr. Wilson said were consistent with wounds sustained by kids who adults abuse and that he suspected were not accidental.

Scanlon claimed in her testimony that she was not to blame for Dylan’s passing and was unaware of how the lethal dose of mirtazapine had gotten into Dylan’s system.

Dylan Scanlon mother
Dylan Scanlon, the boy, was sadly discovered dead at a home on Limeside’s Elm Road. (Source: The Sun)

“Claire Scanlon’s role as a parent was to love and protect her son from harm, but she took the ultimate step to take her young son Dylan away from her ex-partner,” said Nicola Carter, Senior Crown Prosecutor for North West CPS.

She first informed her family that a falling ladder had injured Dylan, and then, shortly after, she told a paramedic that he had fallen down some stairs.

The fact was that she had beaten and poisoned him on purpose. We would like to express our deepest condolences to Dylan’s family, particularly his grandfather, father, and brother, who testified during the trial.

Along with mourning his loss, they must also process how he passed away.


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