Drug Trafficker, Bruno Carbone Arrested: Right-Hand Man Of Mafia Boss Raffaele Imperiale

Drug Trafficker Bruno Carbone was arrested in Rome, as per the latest news. He was reportedly captured and deported from Syria.

45-year-old Bruno Carbone, one of the leading drug suppliers to Naples’ Camorra mafia, had been evading a 20-year jail sentence.

The Italian drug trafficker was the right-hand man of the mafia boss Raffaele Imperiale and one of the most wanted criminals of Europol.

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Drug Trafficker Bruno Carbone Arrested In Rome

Bruno Carbone was arrested in Rome on November 15. Naples Police said he was detained at Ciampino airport on Tuesday morning immediately after getting off the plane.

Carbone was taken into custody for a 20-year jail term handed down to him by prosecutors in Catania, Sicily, for crimes related to international drug trafficking.

Carbone, one of the individuals on Europol’s most wanted list, had been on the run since 2003. He spent much time as a fugitive living in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Dubai.

The Italian drug trafficker’s arrest is surrounded by mystery amid reports that he was captured and deported from Syria.

The official statement gave no details on where he had been tracked down, but according to the Italian press, he had been captured in Syria.

Further, Dhia’ al-Umar, a spokesperson for , said after fleeing from Italy, Carbone moved to Europe and Turkey before transferring to regime-held areas of Syria as he perceived them to be “havens from the law.”

Bruno Carbone mugshot
Mugshot of Bruno Carbone taken in Idlib city. (Source: Twitter)

An Italian newspaper named Il Foglio wrote that the UAE was possibly the mediator of Carbone’s extradition to Italy from Syria.

Likewise, the Italian justice minister, Carlo Nordio, issued a statement the night of the arrest thanking Abdullah Al Nuaimi, his UAE counterpart, for the escapee’s capture. 

He said, “This latest arrest testifies to a consolidation of judicial cooperation between Italy and the UAE.”

News outlets also mentioned that he pretended to be a Mexican person on the run for selling fake Rolex watches.

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In December 2020, the UAE had a false alarm. They announced Carbone’s arrest, only to learn they had the wrong man.

Domenico Alfano, a Naples businessman, was arrested upon arriving in the country with his wife and kids and spent 32 days in prison before being released.

Right-Hand Man Of Mafia Boss Raffaele Imperiale

Bruno Carbone was a well-known right-hand man of Raffael Imperiale, a 48-year-old drug lord, and broker who hails from Castellammare di Stabia, Italy.

Imperiale is a member of the Camorra and one of their most significant drug traffickers. He was enlisted as one of the most wanted fugitives in Italy until his arrest on August 4, 2021, in Dubai.

In an interesting contrast, he was known to be passionate about art. Two Van Gogh paintings stolen in Amsterdam were found in his hideout in 2016.

Raffaele Impreriale arrested
Raffaele Imperiale was one of the most wanted men in Europe. (Source: Riformisita)

However, the drug trade saga is far from over. Further warrants for the arrest of 28 other individuals connected to Imperiale’s Camorra clan were issued in Naples on Wednesday.

The group is considered one of the most potent drug-trafficking groups in the world. The gang imported drugs from Spain, the Netherlands, and Colombia.

Further, a wiretapped conversation between Carbone and Imperiale disclosed that the duo had discussed “breaking through” in Australia.

Nevertheless, it is a good step since Carbone was the key contact for procuring large quantities of cocaine, mainly from Spain.

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