Dj Raevas Death And Obituary: Did He Commit Suicide? Family Tree

Learn about Dj Raevas death and obituary through this article. Also, please find out the reason behind his death.

Dj Raevas was a Jamaican selector who could have been more public about his life. Much information about his life has yet to be disclosed.

After his death, news has been public; people eagerly wait to learn the reason behind it. 

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Much news about Raevas has been very unclear, so people are curious to learn about it in detail. 

Read further to get to know about his death and obituary shared in public, and this article will include everything you need to learn about Raevas.

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Dj Raevas Death And Obituary: Did He Commit Suicide?

No, it was not a suicide case; he was found dead on game day on December 26, 2022. 

The news was confirmed after his close friend Veteran dancehall artist posted a screenshot to his Instagram page, captioning the pic: “Kmt Jah knows star no mon dis cyaah be real.”

Bounty Killer, posted a screenshot his Instagram page with the picture of DJ Raevas.
Bounty Killer posted a screenshot on his Instagram page with the picture of DJ Raevas. (Image Source: Instagram)

After the famous artist shared the news, people started following it, and many sources posted about the death news in public. 

The reason behind his death has not been disclosed yet; he was found dead at his apartment. Many online portals confirmed that he passed away in his sleep. 

Bounty Killer and Raevas worked together on his famous Sunday Party at Oneil’s Place series’ Bounty Sunday Shift.’

Looking at the post-Bounty Killer shared -it seems like they shared a great bond, and he was upset about his death news. 

The first one to find him dead was his relatives, who when to check on him on Boxing day. The Boxing date and time were sifted after he was found dead. 

Bounty Killer was present at his funeral, and pictures were in public. His parents have not talked about his death till now and asked for privacy.

It is challenging for the Raevas family to deal with their loss, so we must respect their privacy. After the news was confirmed, many people shared condolence with his family and friends.

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Dj Raevas Family Tree

DJ Raevas was extremely private about his personal life, but much information about his family was out after his death. 

Although the Raevas family has not discussed anything with the media, the information has been out. His family has maintained privacy after the death of the selector. 

Claudette Findley is the mother of the late Dj Raevas; she was seen with tears in her eyes in the funeral pictures. 

Gary Findley the brother of DJ Raevas and his mother Claudette Findley at his funeral.
Gary Findley, the brother of DJ Raevas, and his mother, Claudette Findley, at his funeral. (Image Source: The Star)

The funeral was at Kencot Seventh-day Adventist Church; his close friend and family were present. 

Raevas was raised along with his brother, Gary Findley he shared a great relationship with him. His brother was seen along with his mother in Adventist Church. 

It was heartbreaking to look at the pictures of his funeral; it had been almost a month, and still, no reason behind his death had been out.

Hopefully, his family member will share the reason behind Raevas’s death in public. Everyone has been expecting his family to share something with the media after his death.

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