Did Stuart Cable Suicide? Meet Welsh Rock Drummer Wife Nicola Cable

Stewart Cable struggled with drug addiction, but there is no concrete evidence that he committed suicide.

Former member of the Stereo Orchestra, Stuart Cable, drank alcohol and committed suicide within three days.

When the drummer choked on the vomit, he had a large amount of alcohol in his body, considered “toxic”.

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An investigation in Cable’s hometown of Aberdare revealed that Cable, 40, was eating take-out Chinese food at home after another heavy drinking at a nearby pub in June.

Despite concerns over Stewart Cable’s mental health and having previously expressed suicidal thoughts, the official cause of death was ruled to be accidental.

Did Stuart Cable commit suicide?

There is no concrete evidence to support the theory that Stuart Cable committed suicide.

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Suicidal thoughts were brought up, mainly because Cable battled mental health issues and drug addiction, and had expressed suicidal thoughts in the past.

Stuart Cable’s death was officially ruled an accidental death. The coroner’s report said Cable drank heavily for three days before choking on vomit.

It is also worth noting that no suicide note or other evidence was found at the scene to suggest that Cable attempted suicide.

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It’s common for people to hide their suicidal intentions, but in Cable’s case, the lack of such evidence makes it difficult to conclude that he committed suicide.

Meet the Welsh rock drummer’s wife Nicola Cable

Stewart Cable has been candid about his love for wife Nicola Cable and how she rooted him into the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle.

Cable married his girlfriend Nicola in 1999 and soon had a son, Sian.

Nicola has supported Cable and helped him overcome drug addiction and mental health issues. She supported him in his stereo years and was his strength when he left the band.

In the spring of 2003, Cable and his wife Nicola separated. This was a traumatic experience for both of them.

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However, despite the divorce, Cable remained loyal to his son and remained a devoted father.

Stuart Cable Cause of Death: How Did It Happen?

According to the coroner’s report, Stuart Cable’s cause of death was asphyxiation from vomit after three days of heavy drinking.

As Stuart Cable’s funeral procession departed St. Elvin’s Church, a crowd gathered and mourned collectively. (Source:

Cable’s partner Rachel Jones was found unconscious on the floor of her home in Rywidcoed, Aberdare early in the morning.

Ms Jones went downstairs to check on her around 5:30 a.m. and found no response. In a panic, she puts on a dressing gown and runs out into the street to pull over the first car she sees Cable’s cousin Aaron Cable drives on his way to work.

Aaron Cable entered the house and tried to revive his cousin by pushing him to the ground and wiping the vomit from his mouth with a cloth. An ambulance was called, but Cable was pronounced dead at the hospital.

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The coroner’s report revealed that Cable had been drinking heavily for three days before his death.

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