Did Madison Kill His Parents: Jesse Madison Holton Arrested For Murder Charge

The question of whether or not Madison killed his parents remained unanswered, as the case against him was dropped and his uncle strongly believed in his innocence.


An Alabama teenager, Jesse Madison Holton, was charged with murdering his parents in 2016, only to have the charges dropped. He believed the town sheriff was still looking for ways to put him in jail.

Jesse “Madison” Holton, then 17, was charged with murdering his parents, Michael and April Holton, in their Eclectic, Alabama, home in September 2016.

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Michael Holton, the town’s former mayor, was discovered dead with a gunshot wound to the head. April Holton, 37, died the next day due to severe head trauma.

Did Madison Kill His Parents?

The question of whether Jesse “Madison” Holton killed his parents remained unanswered because the case against him was dropped.

A picture of Madison with his parents. (Source:

Jesse was arrested in the Elmore County Detention Facility for nearly a year after being charged with double murder in the fatal shooting of his parents. Michael Evans, Holton’s uncle, is speaking out about the case, and despite losing his sister to a violent crime, he believes Madison is innocent.

Evans was a Police officer in California when he got the call that his sister had been murdered. By the time he made it to Alabama, his 17-year-old nephew was the prime suspect.

When Madison’s parents died, he was only 17 years old. He was arrested shortly after the shootings and remained in the Elmore County Jail for one year and three months before being released on bond on December 18, 2017.

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He did not complete his senior year at Elmore County High School. He didn’t show up to his parents’ funerals.

What Happened During The Murder?

On September 11, 2016, Madison Holton’s Father, Michael Holton, summoned deputies to his home after discovering evidence that Madison had a Party. 

Madison had been handcuffed by his Father when the deputy arrived. Soon after, a neighbor called to report that Michael and April Holton had been shot in the head. 

When the officer returned to the scene, Michael Holton was dead from a headshot wound, and his wife, April, was critically injured.

Holton says his Father shot his mother before turning the gun on himself. However, investigators questioned his story, claiming that the physical evidence at the scene did not match Holton’s recollection of what occurred.

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At the time of the shooting, investigators ruled Michael Holton’s death a homicide due to where he was shot, which Evans strongly disputes.

Jesse Madison Holton Arrested For Murder Charge

Holton was charged with his parents’ deaths, but the district attorney dropped the charges in October.

Madison stated that he has no bad blood toward the district attorney’s office or law enforcement. (Source:

Madison’s bond was reduced from a million dollars to $300,000. According to Houston, the case will be heard by the next Elmore County grand jury.

If an Elmore County jury acquits, the grand jury grants no-bond in Madison’s case or Evans wants officials to explain the evidence they have to show Madison is innocent. Evans is concerned that the public will never believe his nephew was not involved in the murders.

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Evans is unsure what impact his year in prison will have on the rest of his life. Despite the passage of time, Madison remains upbeat when speaking with family, and he has requested to earn his GED after missing his senior year.

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