Dick Wolf Net Worth: Career & Lifestyle

American television personality Dick Wolfe’s net worth is estimated at $550 million as of July 2023.

His full name is Richard Anthony Wolfe. He was born on December 20, 1946.

Mr. Wolfe is best known as the creator and executive producer of the acclaimed American television series LAW & ORDER.

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He is also the founder and executive producer of the “Chicago” series and “FBI,” which has two other spin-offs.

Dick Wolf
Dick Wolf [source:]

Dick has won several awards throughout his career, most notably a 2007 Grammy and Hollywood Walk of Fame star.

Not only that, but in 2012 Wolf produced the documentary “Grim Justice” for TNT.


First, let’s take a look at quick facts about Richard Anthony Wolfe.

full name Richard Anthony Wolfe
famous name Dick Wolf
other name Richard A. Wolfe, Richard A. Wolfe, Richard D. Wolfe
date of birth December 20, 1946
net worth $550 million
Year 76 years old
sex Man
place of birth New York City, New York, USA
Country of Citizenship American
Profession TV Producer, Writer, Film Producer, Actor, Program Creator
zodiac Sagittarius
religion catholic roman
Race American Jew
Residential new york
expensive 5 feet 6 inches (169 cm)
weight 69 kg (152.12 lbs)
hair color White
eye color blue
Social media Instagram
sexual orientation straight
father’s name George Wolfe
mother’s name Mary G. Wolfe
Brothers and sisters i don’t know
marital status divorce
school St David School
Frederick Gunn School
university University of Pennsylvania
spouse Susan Scranton (born 1970, died 1983)

Christine Marburg (born 1983, split 2005)

Noel Lippmann (m. 2006, div. 2019)

child Five
child’s name Olivia Wolfe, Elliott Wolfe, Rex Wolfe, Serena Wolfe
Last update July 2023

net worth and income

net worth

Dick Wolf’s net worth is estimated at $550 million.

Most of his wealth comes from actors, directors and producers.

Dick’s most significant earnings over the years are:

income Year
$120 million 2020
$120 million 2019
$120 million 2018
$120 million 2017
$120 million 2016
$120 million 2015
$120 million 2014
$120 million 2013
$70 million year 2012
$70 million 2007


According to multiple publications, the TV personality was earning over $70 million in 2012.

According to a court filing filed in January 2019, Dick Wolf was making $1-15 million a month from TV Empire as part of his divorce from Noel Lippman.

$12-180 million per year.

According to the document, Wolfe and Lippman signed a deal that protected most of their television assets, but she was still entitled to half his salary and half of the assets earned during their marriage from 2006 to 2018.

Wolf and Marburg’s divorce began in the early 2000s and was finalized in 2005.

Not surprisingly, “Law and orderbecame a big topic during the settlement negotiations.

Marburg is legally entitled to half of the value of the show, as it was produced after their marriage. Financial experts who participated in the negotiations estimated the total value of Law & Order at the time to be just $8 million.

You can imagine Marlboro’s shock when, months after signing the settlement, he read in the Los Angeles Times that Wolf had signed a new $1.6 billion production deal with NBC.

Richard Anthony Wolfe Net Worth in Various Currencies

let’s see Richard Anthony Wolfe Net worth in various currencies, including the virtual currency Bitcoin.

currency net worth
EUR EUR 466,283,455
GBP GBP 399,564,165
Australian dollar Australian dollar 752,188,250
Canadian Dollar Canadian Dollar 694,311,750
indian rupee $ 40,423,240,000
Bitcoin ฿ 11,230

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Richard Anthony Wolfe’s house and car


main house

In 2003, Wolfe purchased a $10.5 million property on Mount Desert Island, Maine.

Seal Harbor has few buildings and Wolfe is one of the island’s seasonal residents. However, not many specifications are currently available.

Hope Ranch, Santa Barbara Suburban Mansion

Richard paid $14.8 million for a custom home in Hope Ranch for his wife, Noel Lippman.

The 2.3-acre mansion was built in 2017 and listed for $17.5 million.

The 11,200 square foot home is designed in a Spanish contemporary style. The hotel also has a 75-foot outdoor pool and a cactus garden.

Each floor has two master suites. The lower apartments have garden views and the upper suites have sea views.

There is also an elevator, so you don’t have to worry about climbing stairs.

Living room with double sided fireplace, dining room. This home features a courtyard, art studio and stylish outdoor dining space.

Montecito, California and New York City real estate

Wolfe also owns two other mansions in Montecito, California and another in New York City. That’s a rough figure, but the combined value of the two homes puts him at $30 million.


Dick Wolf owns a sleek Mercedes s63. He paid $144,175 for this beautiful car with his 4.0 liter twin-turbo V8 petrol engine.

He also has a Lexus. Wolff doesn’t plan to show his car publicly, so there isn’t much information available.

Lifestyle and vacations of Richard Anthony Wolfe

Dick Wolf has been able to live a luxurious life thanks to his huge net worth. He owns millions of dollars worth of real estate.

He also said that taking vacations abroad is a great stress reliever.

But Richard’s schedule was hectic.Despite such a young age, he continues to create and produce shows 76.

He is reportedly working on two new projects, with an undisclosed release date.


Much of Dick’s philanthropic work is done through his own organization, The Wolf Family Foundation.

Dick donated $1 million to support the Children’s Rights Coalition. Likewise, he has made continuous contributions to the Foundation over the years.

Wolfe and his ex-third wife Noel also made a large donation to the Santa Barbara Cancer Center to establish a training and education center.

It also announced that it would allow non-profit organizations to use the education center.

media, investment, endorsement, book publishing


Since 1985, Dick Wolf has directed, acted in and produced numerous films and television series.

Richard Wolfe continues:hill street blues“I started my career in television.

He then went on to write and co-produce the show’s third and fourth vice”.

Since moving to Los Angeles, he has produced three scripts. movie”masquerade(1988) received the best response of the three.

The show Law & Order: Special Victims was Wolfe’s next project between 1990 and 2010.

It is and still is one of the most beloved series on television. Similarly, the same as “”.gunpowderwas honored as the longest-running drama program on television.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Law & Order: Trial by Jury, Law & Order: Great Britain, and Law & Order: Los Angeles are all spin-offs.

LAW & ORDER: Special Victims is the longest-running primetime scripted TV series as of May 2019.

The detective drama New York Undercover, which ran on the Fox Network from 1994 to 1998, was another of Wolfe’s projects in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Not only that, but he co-produced and executive produced the show.

Dick co-produced the rock band Doors documentary When You Are Strange and the Oscar-winning documentary Twin Towers.

“Chicago Fire,” which premiered on NBC, is another of Wolfe’s most popular shows. Despite a low start, it became NBC’s second highest-grossing scripted series.

The show spawned numerous spin-off shows, including Chicago Police, Chicago Medicine, and Chicago Justice.


Dick invested heavily in his TV show, Law & Order. He is the show’s creator and executive producer.

He is said to have made nearly $850 million from his “Law & Order” series. That may be true, but he claims he charges his $200,000 per episode.

Additionally, Wolf has a $1.6 billion deal with NBC for his show.

Similarly, Wolf has its own production company, Wolf Entertainment. He founded the company in 1985 and has produced shows such as ‘Chicago Police’ and ‘Law & Order’.

book publication

Dick Wolf has co-authored three books with NYPD Detective Jeremy Fisk.

Similarly, books include: Execution method (1984), to intercept (2012), and The last word (2015).

Ultimately, “Law & Order: Crime Scene” is a non-fiction novel comparable to the TV show “Law & Order.”


Richard Anthony “Dick” Wolfe is an American crime drama producer, behind the Miami Vice and Law & Order series.

Dick was born in New York City and attended St. David’s School. Wolfe attended Phillips Academy and earned a gun academy diploma.

Likewise, he was a student at the University of Pennsylvania, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in 1969.

Behind the scenes of law and order
Behind the scenes of law and order [Source: JPEGmini Blog]

After spending several years in New York, he moved to Los Angeles and produced three plays, one of which was critically acclaimed, The Masquerade starring Rob Lowe and Meg Tilley.

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3 facts about Richard Anthony Wolfe

  • Dick Wolf was a classmate of George W. Bush.
  • Wolfe made a national name as a law and order district attorney in 2008, working with former presidential candidate Fred Thompson, who was running for the Republican presidential nomination.
  • NBC has announced that the documentary series “LA Fire and Rescue” will begin in May 2021. Wolfe will produce a series that tells the story of the firefighters of the Los Angeles County Fire Department.


How Many Times Did Dick Wolf Marry Who?

Dick Wolf married in 1970 Susan Scranton beginning. However, their marriage did not last long and they divorced in 1983.

In 1983 he got married Christine Marburg Second time. They have three children, Elliott, Olivia, and Selina.

The couple separated in 2003 and married in 2006. Noel Lippman. However, it also ended in divorce.

How many movies did Dick Wolf make?

Believe it or not, his notable credits include No Man’s Land, Bury My Heart at a Wounded Knee, The Twin Towers, and School Ties.

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