Deane Cheatham Car Accident: Former JMU Football Player Death And Obituary

Deane Cheatham car accident has been a topic of interest among people. Be with us till the end to learn about Deane Cheatham car accident.

On Saturday morning, the 30-year-old man was killed in a head-on wreck along Route 301 in Hanover County.

From 2011 through 2015, Deane Cheatham was a tight end with the Dukes.

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He received second-team all-state and all-CAA honors from VaSID during his senior year.

Cheatham was one of JMU football’s four squad captains for the 2015 Campaign. This afternoon, JMU football posted a message to social media that read:

“Our hearts are heavy since one of us died. The Cheatham family is in our thoughts and prayers during this trying time.

Online searches for Deane Cheatham’s obituary have recently increased significantly, and many are curious to learn what exactly caused Deane Cheatham’s death.

As news of Deane Cheatham’s passing spreads, people are curious to learn more about his obituary and desire a thorough update.

Having stated that, let’s go into the facts and specifics of Deane Cheatham car accident in more detail.

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Deane Cheatham Car Accident

Following an automobile accident in Hanover County on Saturday, a former JMU football player has passed away.

According to the Hanover County Sheriff’s Office, Martin “Deane” Cheatham was involved in a head-on collision when his F-150. 

He headed north on Hanover Courthouse Road, over the double solid line and struck a utility vehicle, which was moving south.

According to the Hanover County Sheriff’s Office, Cheatham was declared dead on the spot.

Deane Cheatham Car Accident
Deane Cheatham Car Accident. (Source: JMU Athletics)

Martin “Deane” Cheatham, according to the Hanover County Sheriff’s Office, was traveling on Route 301 close to Hanover Wayside Park on Saturday morning when he over the double yellow line and struck a utility vehicle head-on.

At the scene, the 30-year-old was declared dead.

Before playing for James Madison University, Cheatham played football at Hanover High School.

Former JMU Football Player Deane Cheatham Death And Obituary

People who heard about Deane Cheatham’s death conducted extensive web searches for his obituary and related information.

People are curious about Deane Cheatham’s cause of death after learning the details of his demise. Many people recently surfed Deane Cheatham’s passing.

Most of the time, the internet misleads viewers by reporting about healthy people as if they were deceased.

But the information provided about Deane Cheatham is accurate, and we discovered a few posts on Twitter that had a lot of details concerning his obituary.

Deane Cheatham Car Accident
Deane Cheatham was a Hanover football player. (Source: Richmond Times)

Deane Cheatham was said to have perished in an automobile accident. Many people who relied on this prodigy’s display and abilities will miss him.

We regret to inform you that Deane Cheatham spent years making the world a better place, but his legacy will be shared now that he is no longer with us.

Let’s include it in our prayers so that Deane Cheatham’s family will have greater courage to deal with losing him.

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