Danushka Gunathilaka Jailed- Accused Of Raping Tinder Date, Arrest And Charges

Danushka Gunathilaka was sentenced to jail after being accused of raping his tinder date in Sydney, Australia.

Mashtayage Danushka Gunathilaka, popularly known as Danushka Gunthilaka, is a  Sri Lankan cricketer. He plays as a top-order batter in all structures of the game.

In 2007 Gunathilaka made his debut in the cricket Inter-Provincial Twenty20 tournament for Sri Lanka Schools.

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Danushka Gunathilaka has also often been cast aside due to disciplinary issues.

Recently, he was all over the news as he was accused of raping a woman in Sydney. He was in Sydney to play T20 World Cup 2022.

Danushka Gunathilaka Jailed- Accused Of Raping Tinder Date

Danushka Gunathilaka was arrested for the rape of a woman at her home in Sydney last week.

The pair was matched on Tinder and decided to meet while the cricketer was in Australia for T20 World Cup.

Danushka Gunathilaka
Danushka Gunathilaka accused of raping Tinder date four times in a new legal bid to get out of jail (Source: Daily Mail Online)

The victim and Danushka met on October 29 on Tinder and further extended conversation on Instagram and WhatsApp.

On November 2, they met at Opera Bar for drinks and at Frankie’s Pizza for dinner.

Gunathilaka requested the victim to meet in Brisbane, where he was staying. However, she declined the offer.

The victim claimed they were at Opera Bar for half an hour; Gunathilaka had two alcoholic drinks, whereas she had about five.

Later, they went to Frankie’s Pizza Bar on Hunter Street and drank another drink.

At 10.50 pm, they got on a ferry, and during the trip, Gunathilaka assertedly kissed the woman with force.

They then took 15 minutes to walk to the woman’s House. After that, they sat in the lounge and talked. However, the cricketer reportedly pushed her onto her back on the couch and steered himself on top of her.

However, The woman then agreed to ongoing intimate activity only if he used a condom, which he concurred with but opposed.

Moreover, During the next bosom phase, Gunathilaka kept one hand around her neck for 20-30 seconds, choked her, and forced her into oral sex.

The victim stated that she feared for her life, with her breathing sorely restricted.

In the morning, she reported she had sore and red marks on her body and couldn’t work.

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Danushka Gunathilaka: Arrest And Charges

On November 4, The victim stated Bondi Police. A sexual assault examination was done at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

Danushka Gunathilaka was under arrest on Sunday, November 6, at a hotel in Sydney. He was preparing to leave the country at about 1 am after dozing off of the T20 World Cup.

Moreover, Police accused he committed four counts of sexual intercourse without permission on a 29-year-old woman for two hours at Rose Bay.

Sri Lanka Cricket suspended Gunathilaka after the charges were placed, and he was behind bars for four nights.

However, On November 7, Downing Centre local court judge Robert Williams rejected his initial bail application.

 Danushka Gunathilaka
Danushka Gunathilaka arrested by Sydney Police on rape charges (Source: sports times)

During the November 9 hearing, a defeating order request brought by Police retreated.

A New South Wales Supreme Court hearing has been scheduled for December 8 after Danushka Gunathilaka appealed a second bail bid following his arrest and charges.

Gunathilaka was also suspended by Sri Lanka in 2018 for a misconduct charge after his teammate was arrested for sexual assault at the team’s hotel in Colombo.

Danushka Gunathilaka: Explore Tinder Profile

At present, Gunathilaka’s tinder account is in private mode. It remains unclear whether Danushka’s account was private while it was in use in Sydney or if the setting was activated at the time of his arrest.

It displayed a gallery of posed pictures showing him delighting in costly champagne with shirtless in Calvin Klein underwear.

One Tinder photo appears him reclining in a cane chair on a balcony ascending the ocean, and enjoying a glass of Moet & Chandon.

In contrast, another picture is him leaning into a business class seat on a Qatar Airways flight.

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