Daljeet Kaur Death: How Did Punjabi Actress Die? Family And Net Worth

Daljeet Kaur, a well-known Punjabi Actress, died Thursday morning in Kasba Pramhar Bazar. 

Daljeet Kaur, who was 69 years old, had a protracted illness. At noon, her final rites will be performed. When the Punjabi film industry learned of her passing, a wave of grief swept through it.

The Punjabi film industry used to be ruled by Daljeet Kaur. She also performed in numerous popular Hindi movies.

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Daljeet Kaur Death: How Did Punjabi Actress Die?

The Punjabi Actress Daljeet Kaur’s death has shocked fans.

Daljeet Kaur, a well-known Punjabi Actress, passed away Thursday morning in Kasba Sudhar Bazar. Daljeet Kaur once ruled the Punjabi film industry. She performed in numerous popular Hindi movies. Daljeet Kaur, 69, had been unwell for a while. At noon, her final rites will be served.

Daljeet Kaur death
Punjabi Actress Daljeet Kaur passes away (Source: Twitter)

More than 10 Hindi and 70 Punjabi films featured Daljeet Kaur. In addition, Daljit Kaur represented her country in both hockey and kabaddi. 

For the past few years, she had a severe mental illness. She left Mumbai for Ludhiana and began residing at a relative’s home in Kasba Gurusar Sudhar Bazar. 

She was unable to recall any details of her previous existence. She endured severe physical pain in her final days before passing away on Thursday.

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Why Did Daljeet Kaur Stop Acting?

Daljeet Kaur had roles in over 10 Hindi films and over 70 Punjabi movies. Graduate of Delhi’s Lady Shri Ram College, Daljeet Kaur made her acting debut at the Pune Film Institute.

Daljeet Kaur death
Daljeet Kaur as  Gippy Grewal’s mother in the Punjabi film Singh Versis Kaur. (Source: punjab.news18)

She starred as the heroine in the critically acclaimed Punjabi films Putt Jattan De, Mamla Gaddal Hai, Ki Banu Duniya Da, Sarpanch, and Patola. Her debut movie, Daaz, was released in 1976.

However, Daljeet stopped acting in movies after the death of her husband, Harminder Singh Deol, in a car accident. There was no child for them. 

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She returned to the film industry in 2001 and played mother and other roles appropriate for her age. In the Punjabi film Singh vs. Kaur, she portrayed Gippy Grewal’s mother.

Daljeet Kaur Family Details: Where Are They From?

In Siliguri, Daljeet Kaur was born in 1953, and her full name was Daljeet Kaur Deol.

The family of Daljeet Kaur was originally from the village of Etiana in the district of Ludhiana, in the town of Aitiana, not far from Sudhar. Still, they had their business in West Bengal. 

For the previous 12 years, she shared a home in Kasba Gurusar Sudhar Bazar with her cousin Harjinder Singh Khanguda.

Furthermore, Daljeet Kaur’s Father wished for her to pursue a career in medicine. However, Daljeet Kaur did not pick this road. She wanted to be a successful Actress, after all.

Daljeet Kaur completed her education at Darjiling Convent School. She moved to Dehli after finishing school. She was accepted into Sri Ram College in Delhi and began B.A. honors at this college.

However, she believed that she was interested in acting during her course time. She subsequently filled the Pune acting school’s farm. Finally, she was chosen, and she traveled to Pune.

She had an excellent performance in the short film ‘Bonga .’Her acting was praised by Bollywood film producers who also watched the movie.

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After starring in this short film, she gained widespread fame. Additionally, she received offers for several Bollywood films. But there were a few reasons why these movies kept getting pushed back. Daljeet Kaur was thus unable to participate in these films. In 1976, Daljeet Kaur began her career in movies.

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