Cooper Noriega Parents Treva And Harold Noriega: Did Tiktok Star Suicide- Death Cause

Famous TikTok creator Cooper Noriega became more viral after his unfortunate death at a Burbank, California, parking. So, people, including his fans, wanted to check on Cooper Noriega Parents.

Noriega, 19, tragically passed away on 9 June this year, and till December, his case was under investigation.

The online record of the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner is active, updating the late young star’s death. 

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Recently, Cooper’s death news reached the stratosphere after his death cause was released to the media. The young TikTok sensation became famous for lip-syncs and comedy skits on @cooper_noriega TikTok channel.  

He began posting his dance videos and short lip-sync clips on the platform. He soon gained millions of followers. 

Moreover, the late TikTok star was interested in music and has uploaded a few of his music on Spotify. Also, he is a trained guitarist. 

Late TikToker Cooper mainly received the spotlight for his incredible dance moves and lip-syncing talent. 

Being a fashion icon, Noriega, 19, used to post his pictures on Instagram trying out different outfits. Thousands of his followers liked his posts. 

As of this writing, the late social media influencer has crossed over 650 Thousand followers on his Instagram account. 

Present some unique facts about the TikTok star — Cooper Noriega moved to L.A. to fulfill his career in fashion and entertainment. 

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Meet Cooper Noriega Parents Treva And Harold Noriega

Late TikTok sensation Cooper Noriega was born in 2002 to Harold Noriega (Father) and Treva Noriega (mother). 

Cooper Noriega parents
Social media star Cooper Noriega’s parents are in grief after his passing. (Source: The Style Plus)

He was nineteen at the time of his passing. Noriega’s birth sign is Cancer.

His Father, Harold, is a businessman, while Cooper’s mother, Treva, is into a clothing line. His mother owns Trevas BeachWear. 

Frankly speaking, Cooper was from a wealthy household. He spent his childhood in Laguna Beach, California.

Later he moved to L.A. to pursue his dream in the entertainment line. 

Cooper came into the spotlight after posting his comedy skits, dancing moves, and lip-sync videos on TikTok.

The late TikTok star was also trying to be a fashion model based in L.A. 

However, no official or verified sources have claimed Cooper Noriega’s net worth before his death. The late social media influencer recently received the limelight for his death, making it big online.

Cooper was big on social media, with more than 650 Thousand followers on his Instagram handle at the time of writing.

In addition, he was popular on Spotify. Yes, Noriega achieved a lot in his life, but it ended tragically.

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Did The Tiktok Star Suicide: Her Death Cause

Famous TikToker Cooper Noriega, 19, was found dead on 9 June this year at a Burbank, California, parking lot.

Noriega’s death cause was out six months after he died. 

The dead body of the TikTok star was recovered at a Burbank parking lot less than three weeks before his 20th birthday. 

The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner has determined that an overdose of fentanyl and lorazepam caused Noriega’s death.

Fentanyl and lorazepam are generally used to treat anxiety. These drugs are also found to treat alprazolam, shortly called Xanax. 

The combinational effect of these drugs caused his death. Moreover, he had used another anxiety pill, clonazepam, which also contributed to Noriega’s death. 

Many facts, including his posts before death, also hint at the star’s depression. 

Cooper Noriega Family, Nationality, And Ethnicity

Late LA-based TikToker, Cooper Noriega was from an American family. Cooper was born and raised in a Christian household. So, he and his family hold American nationality.

As mentioned earlier, Noriega grew up in Laguna Beach, California but was based in Los Angeles before his death. 

Cooper Noriega death and depression
TikToker Cooper Noriega was going through depression and had mental health issues. (Source: Pinkvilla)

Cooper has a sister Parker Noriega. Parker works as a Celebrity Stylist.

Yes, Noriega’s parents and sister were pleased about his achievement in life before it ended tragically in front of their eyes. Fans pray for their son’s grief. RIP! Rising star, you will be missed. 

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