Connor Sturgeon Wikipedia And Age: How Old Was The Louisville Shooter?

Connor Sturgeon Wikipedia is in the spotlight as he was identified as the Louisville shooting culprit. Everything you need to know is here.

Former college basketball star and finance graduate turned banker Conor Sturgeon livestreamed the horrific shooting at a Louisville bank.

Sturgeon began his raid on the Old National Bank in the city center around 8:30 am. He started a fire when some employees called for a morning assembly before the bank opened to the public.

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Bank manager Rebecca Buchheit Sims watched the conference virtually and witnessed her colleague being killed. Mr. Sutkin was also shot dead after police responded to the shooting.

Connor Sturgeon Wikipedia: A look back at the career of this shooter

Connor Sturgeon was a bank employee. According to his bio linked, he worked as a syndicate partner and portfolio banker at Old National Bank.

In April 2022, Sturgeon completed the ONB Commercial Bank Development Training Program. Since then, he started working at Old National Bank.

Similarly, Sturgeon is certified for the RMA loan decision process. As for her educational background, Sturgeon earned a master’s degree in finance from the University of Alabama.

Connor Sturgeon Wikipedia
According to Conor Sturgeon’s Linkedin profile, he works at Old National Bank in Louisville. (Source: Facebook)

A deleted Linkedin profile also showed that Sturgeon was a member of the Junior Achievement Young Professionals Council of Kentucky.

Not to mention, he attended Floyd Central High School in Floyd Nobbs, Indiana. At the time, Sturgeon was a talented and popular star athlete in high school track, football and basketball.

A former friend and teammate of Sturgeon said Sturgeon was so traumatized that he always wore a helmet during basketball games.

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How old is Connor Sturgeon: How old was the Louisville shooter?

Conor Sturgeon was just 25 years old when he died. He was born to his parents Todd Sturgeon (his father), but his mother’s name remains unknown at the time of publication.

his He was once said to be a finance student and a fan of NBA basketball. Meanwhile, Todd didn’t serve as the Floyd Center’s head basketball coach until last year.

connor sturgeon shooter
A family photo of Conor Sturgeon has been shared on social media. (Source: Facebook)

Similarly, Todd previously coached the University of Indianapolis men’s basketball team for 10 seasons. In 2007, he dropped out of college after watching Conor’s basketball camp.

Since then, Todd wants to spend more time with his children than with other people’s children.

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What was the motive for the Connor Sturgeon shooting?

Conor Sturgeon knew he was going to be fired and even wrote a note to his loved ones before he went to work Monday morning and opened fire. Connor reportedly killed four people and injured nine others.

Sturgeon live-streamed his attack on Instagram, but the video has since been removed. He wrote letters to his parents and friends, but it is unclear whether the notes were on paper or sent by e-mail.

connor sturgeon instagram
Conor Sturgeon also shared some stories on Instagram before firing. (sauce: twitter )

Authorities described him as a “lone shooter” who worked at a bank. Sturgeon also said that the attack was spread over the Internet and is now relatively common.

Police say officers have shot and killed the shooter, Connor Sturgeon. Details of the incident will be updated as the investigation continues. Please continue to visit us.

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