Columbus OH Bloom Carroll Bentley Spurlock Obituary And Death Cause Linked To Illness

Given Bentley Spurlock’s remarkable impact on his community, many people are eager to read his obituary to honor and remember the life of the inspiring young Bloom-Carroll football player.

Columbus, Ohio, and the Bloom-Carroll community are mourning the tragic loss of Bentley Spurlock, a beloved 10-year-old football player. 

Bentley passed away on Sunday, July 30, 2023, after battling an illness that ultimately proved too overwhelming for his young body. 

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His family and friends are left devastated by his untimely departure but take solace in the knowledge that Bentley is now pain-free in the loving embrace of Jesus. 

Known for his infectious positivity, natural leadership, and dedication to sportsmanship on and off the field, Bentley left a lasting impact on everyone who had the privilege of knowing him. 

This article aims to shed light on the remarkable life of Bentley Spurlock and the profound impact he had on those around him. 

Columbus OH Bloom Carroll Bentley Spurlock Obituary 

The passing of Bentley Spurlock, the young Bloom-Carroll football player, has left the Columbus, Ohio community and the Bloom-Carroll school district in deep mourning. 

Bentley Spurlock death
Bentley Spurlock, a vibrant and compassionate soul, left a lasting impact on everyone with his positivity, leadership, and sportsmanship. (Source:

Bentley, known for his unwavering spirit, infectious positivity, and natural leadership, passed away at the tender age of 10 after bravely battling an illness. He touched the hearts of many with his kindness and sportsmanship, making a lasting impact on his teammates, coaches, and opponents. 

Bentley’s exceptional character and dedication to the sport earned him respect and admiration, transcending the boundaries of age. 

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As the community comes together to honor his memory and support his grieving family, they find solace in the knowledge that Bentley’s legacy of resilience and compassion will forever remain a guiding light in their hearts.

Bentley Spurlock Death Cause Linked To Illness

Bentley Spurlock’s passing has led many to wonder about the cause, and it has been revealed that his untimely demise is linked to a battled illness.

The community of Carroll extends their heartfelt condolences to Bentley Spurlock’s family during this difficult time of loss. (Source:

Though specific details about the nature of his illness have not been disclosed publicly, it is evident that Bentley fought with immense strength and determination. Despite his young age, Bentley’s character shone brightly as he faced the challenges that came his way. 

The news of his passing has sent shockwaves through the community, leaving many heartbroken and struggling to accept the loss of such a vibrant young life. 

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As we reflect on Bentley’s life, it becomes apparent that his legacy will extend far beyond the football field as his unwavering spirit continues to inspire and uplift those who knew him.

Bentley Spurlock Family Mourns The Loss

The loss of Bentley Spurlock has left his family devastated, grappling with the immense sorrow of bidding farewell to their beloved son at such a young age. 

Bentley’s passing has created an unimaginable void in their lives as they remember the vibrant young boy who always had a smile on his face and brought joy to those around him. In a heartfelt post, Bentley’s mother announced his passing, expressing the pain of witnessing her son’s valiant struggle with illness. 

The Spurlock family now finds comfort in knowing that Bentley is free from pain and resting peacefully in the arms of Jesus. 

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As the community rallies around the Spurlock family, offering their love, support, and prayers, they are reminded of Bentley’s strength and resilience throughout his life.

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