Claus Marcuslund Arrested In California: Accused Of Child Pornograph

Claus Marcuslund arrested has become a sensation due to the individual being apprehended for abhorrent actions related to child exploitation.

Famous Danish music producer Claus Svelmo Marcuslund, hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, has been apprehended in California.

Reports on various social media platforms revealed that he was arrested in Fresno, CA, on Saturday, July 22, 2023.

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In Fresno, a federal grand jury has recently indicted the 58-year-old man on two disturbing.

The news of his arrest shocked many, given his prominent status in the music industry.

Let’s examine why the music producer has been booked and the consequences of his crimes.

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Why Was Claus Marcuslund Arrested In California?

Claus Marcuslund was detained on suspicion of disseminating child pornography as well as attempting to convince or seduce a juvenile into engaging in unlawful intercourse.

Reportedly, Marcuslund is suspected of travelling thousands of miles from Denmark to Fresno, intending to engage in sexual activity with a child.

Marcuslund’s indictment is connected to the “Project Safe Childhood” initiative, spearheaded by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Claus Marcuslund Arrested
Claus Marcuslund is arrested for child pornography and enticing a minor 

The primary goal of this initiative is to combat child exploitation and ensure that those responsible for such crimes face appropriate legal consequences.

The initiative also seeks to bring justice to the victims affected by these heinous acts.

Before residing in Copenhagen, Claus Marcus used to live in Arslev and Odense. In 1997, he published a play called “Chrysalis.”

He established a company named “Claus Marcus Music.” However, after discovering another German artist bearing the same name, he changed it to Nixound.

Claus was involved in engineering, producing, and writing for his company, and his recent arrest has sent shockwaves through the news media.

In addition to Marcuslund, Bradley Earl Reger, a 67-year-old man from Susanville in Northern California, is also facing charges related to the sexual abuse of minors.

Two men accused of travelling around the world for engaging in sexual activities with children have been indicted by California grand juries.

Claus Marcuslund: Accused Of Child Pornograph

According to court documents, Claus Marcuslund’s arrest occurred on July 11 at the Fresno airport.

The arrest followed several months of online conversations between Marcuslund and an undercover U.S. Homeland Security Investigations agent.

In these online exchanges, Marcuslund disclosed disturbing information, admitting that he is a Scandinavian and a professional music producer, songwriter, and lyricist.

Unbeknownst to Marcuslund, the agent was posing as the mother of a 7-year-old girl. Shockingly, Claus also confessed to being a paedophile.

Claus Marcuslund Arrested
While talking to an undercover U.S. Homeland Security agent, Claus confessed to being a paedophile (Source: Yahoo Sports)

Marcuslund conveyed that he is divorced and actively seeking a pleasant woman or mother to develop a closer relationship with, with the aspiration of meeting her.

Shockingly, the music producer also elaborated on the ways of sexual favours he wanted the little girl to perform on him.

According to the Homeland Security affidavit, between April 12, and April 24, 2023, Marcuslund sent around 12 videos and photos that depicted minors engaging in sexually explicit behaviour.

Court documents also revealed that Marcuslund discussed plans to have another child with the same woman and expressed intentions of molesting the newborn.

He embarked on a long journey from his home in Copenhagen, Denmark, to Fresno, California, with a layover in Los Angeles, covering approximately 5,500 miles.

As per court records, he was also found discussing the deletion of child pornography videos before he arrived in California.

Following his arrest, the DOJ views Marcuslund as a high-risk suspect likely to attempt to flee and potentially threaten the community.

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