Clarence Thomas Death Hoax: Is The Associate Justice Dead Or Alive?

The Clarence Thomas death hoax has been debunked because the associate judge is still alive. Find out all about him in today’s article.

Clarence Thomas is an American jurist and associate judge of the United States Supreme Court. President George H.W. Bush nominated him to replace Thurgood Marshall, who has served since 1991.

A Pinpoint native, he also served as Assistant Secretary of Education for the Civil Rights Office from June 26, 1981 to May 6, 1982. He also chairs the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

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He served as a judge on the District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals from March 12, 1990 to October 23, 1991.

Clarence Thomas death hoax exposed

Social media users are known to make assumptions about themselves, and fake news about their personal lives is circulating online, confusing everyone. Likewise, the news of Clarence Thomas’ death once made headlines.

In May 2022, Thomas was hospitalized with an infection, leading to rumors of his death. Since then, numerous unidentified sources have also released news of Clarence’s death.

Clarence Thomas dies
Clarence Thomas is alive, but news of his death has spread before. (Source: The Independent)

However, there is no evidence that Thomas is alive and well in his career. As mentioned above, he was hospitalized and rumored to be dead, but he is now discharged.

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Is Associate Judge Clarence Thomas Dead or Alive?

Clarence Thomas is still alive and all the rumors about his death that first circulated in 2022 turned out to be false. He has been an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court since 1991.

Clarence also reported on social media, with many people on Twitter wishing him dead. Jonathan Perkins, UCLA’s director of race and equity, sparked controversy by posting a tweet wishing Thomas dead.

Controversial tweet by Jonathan S. Perkins related to Clarence Thomas. (sauce: twitter)

After that, while many people supported Perkins, there were also many who criticized him harshly. Similarly, the National Desk (TND) asked Twitter why this tweet is still public despite its policy prohibiting wishing or facilitating the death of others.

Given this fact, Twitter has since deleted the tweet. In another undeleted tweet, Jonathan wrote: “As far as I know Clarence Thomas may be choking. He hurt my loved ones.”

Despite all the rumors and controversy, Clarence has not commented on it.

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Where is Clarence Thomas Now?

Clarence Thomas has had a busy career, and at 75, he’s still in pretty good shape.

Thomas is currently in the spotlight for his relationship with Donald Trump. The report suggested that Clarence had accepted a luxury trip from Republican businessman Harlan Crow for years, but did not publicly disclose it.

A 2004 Los Angeles Times report revealed that Thomas received a $19,000 gift from Harlan Crow. The gift was reportedly a Bible.

Clarence Thomas and Donald Trump
Clarence Thomas and Donald Trump are related. (Source: MSNBC)

Likewise, he received other expensive gifts, which often made headlines, and Thomas was criticized by the public. At the same time, he also spoke about these issues.

Recently, Thomas said it wasn’t This extravagant trip was paid for by Republican donors, as it was said at the time that Republican donors were not required to cover the cost.

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