Charlie Evan Arrested: French Tourist Accused For Punching Woman In Japan

Charlie Evan Arrested: French national Charlie Evan was recently arrested for allegedly punching a woman in the face. If you want to know more, read on.

Frenchman Charlie Evan’s name came to the fore after being detained on Tuesday. A video of Evan punching a woman in the face went viral on various social media platforms, including Twitter.

Evan and a group of friends collided with a woman and got into an argument after dropping a lunch box. After a fight, Evan was reportedly arrested.

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As a result of his arrest, Evan’s name went viral on the internet and people became interested in him.

Charlie Evan arrested for assaulting woman in Japan

Charlie Evan arrested A woman in her 20s suffered minor facial injuries on the streets of Tokyo’s Minato Ward.

Evan and his friend collided with a Japanese woman, reportedly causing a lunch box to fall, leading to a fight between the two.

Others filmed this video and it has now gone viral on many social media platforms. A widely circulated video of the fight shows a woman grabbing Charlie’s shirt as he backs away.

Charlie Evan arrested
Charlie Evan was arrested in Japan for punching a woman in the face. (sauce: twitter)

Charlie then punched the woman in the face, causing her to fall to the ground before fleeing. After the incident, Evan fled, but was chased by a man in black.

London Metropolitan Police said Charlie has denied the allegations. The man said in a conversation with police that he did not remember the incident.

So perhaps Evan was drunk. However, this news has not been confirmed by the police.

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Where is Charlie Evan Now?

Charlie Evans, who was traveling in Japan with a friend, was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly punching a woman during a fight. It is unclear whether Evans has been formally charged. As such, his current status remains unknown.

Police have investigated a video of Evan punching a woman in the face, but have not released details of the incident.

Charlie Evan video
Charlie Evan’s video went viral on social media and was filmed by many. (sauce: twitter)

Evan is believed to have assaulted a Japanese woman in her 20s. She was injured and reports online said the woman would make a full recovery within three weeks.

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Learn more about Charlie Evans

Charlie Evan is said to be French and 23 years old. Not much is known about Charlie, as his name was picked up by the media after a recent incident in Japan.

While he and his friends were traveling in Japan, Evan got into an argument with a Japanese woman on the streets of Tokyo Minato City (known in English as Minato City, founded in 1947).

Charlie Evan French
Charlie Evan is French and recently visited Japan with some friends. (Source: Yahoo)

People on social media platforms have asked multiple questions related to Evan, but none of the media sources have shared details about Charlie’s personal background.

Also, we are trying to get more information about Charlie and will definitely update you in the future.

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