Buffalo Supermarket Shooting Suspect: Is Payton Gendron In Jail? Arrest And Charge

Payton Gendron’s guilty plea might result in a life sentence in jail without parole.

Payton Gendron, the suspect in the Buffalo supermarket shooting, is anticipated to enter a guilty plea during a court appearance scheduled for Monday, according to reports that Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown appeared to confirm on Thursday.

Attorneys for the victims’ families have also claimed they were informed to anticipate a guilty plea.

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After a storm briefing he attended with New York Gov. Kathy Hochul, Brown responded to a question with, “I think it’s good that this individual is pleading guilty.”

Buffalo Supermarket Shooting Suspect: Is Payton Gendron In Jail? 

The Buffalo Supermarket Shooting suspect, Payton Gendron is in jail. 

Two attorneys for the victim’s families said Thursday that the man suspected of killing ten people in a racially motivated attack at a Buffalo grocery store in May is expected to enter a guilty plea to state charges.

Payton Gendron Jail
Payton Gendron is escorted in for a hearing at Erie County Court (Source: abcnews.go)

In addition to the New York state murder charges for the attack that resulted in ten fatalities and three injuries, the Justice Department reported that a federal grand jury had indicted Payton on 27 firearms and hate crime counts.

Elmore claimed that Gendron’s guilty plea in the state case, which under New York law almost certainly results in a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole, maybe a “card to present” in the federal case. 

The death penalty is not permitted in New York.

Payton Gendron Arrest And Charges Details Explored

Concerning the Tops grocery store shooting on May 14, Gendron faces 25 state charges. In an attack that the authorities claim was racially motivated, ten Black people were killed.

The state’s first indictment to make use of a law that combined terrorism and hate crimes. Monday at 2:00 pm, Gendron is due in Erie County Court.

An official representative for the Erie County District Attorney’s Office declined to comment due to a gag order imposed on the attorneys involved in the case. Federal hate crime charges are also pending against white suspect Gendron about the shooting.

Payton Gendron Jail
Police shown on the scene following a mass shooting in Buffalo, N.Y (Source: abcnews.go)

The 19-year-old allegedly spent months planning the killings, including traveling to the store to sketch its layout and count the number of Black people present.

He entered a not-guilty plea during his arraignment in state and federal court in both cases.

Dark web hubs were blamed for “radicalizing” the teenage suspect, according to a damning report published by the New York Attorney General’s Office last month. According to the report, the alleged shooter watched a significant amount of racist and violent content before posting the deadly attack online.

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In June, a grand jury in Erie County handed down a 25-count indictment against Gendron. According to Erie County District Attorney John J. Flynn, the most serious charge against him is a domestic act of terrorism motivated by hatred in the first degree.

Flynn claimed that Gendron was the first person ever to be accused of the crime in the state.

What Was Payton Gendron’s Motive Behind The Shooting?

Police claim that Gendron carefully planned the shooting to target Black people by the “great replacement” theory of racism. 

Gendron traveled three hours from his home in Conklin, New York, to the Tops Friendly Markets in a largely Black neighborhood of Buffalo, according to Police. 

Authorities claim that while wearing body armor and brandishing a semiautomatic rifle, the shooter opened Fire both outside and inside the store, killing 13 people, 11 of whom were Black.

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Before the attack, Gendron allegedly posted a 180-page racist manifesto online and live-streamed the shooting. He turned himself into the Police and entered a not-guilty plea when charged with both state and federal offenses.

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