Blayne Terrebonne Arrested And Charged With Murder In 2022 Overdose- Where Is He Now?

Police officers arrested a Larso teen Blayne Terrebonne & two other men in charge of a fentanyl overdose death of a teenage girl & drug distribution.

On 27 October 2022, deputies responded to an emergency call at a Galliano residence. The caller said that a 16-year-old male was showing signs of a possible overdose.

After giving two doses of Narcan, the boy gained consciousness, and Officers transported him to the hospital for further treatment.

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Less than three hours later, deputies got another call from the same area who reported that a 15-year-old girl was found dead. The death cause was suspected to be a drug overdose.

It didn’t take long for detectives to establish a connection between the two cases. Soon after, they began hunting the responsible individual.

Blayne Terrebonne Arrested And Charged – Where Is He Now?

Blayne Terrebonne is among three individuals who were taken into custody in connection with an overdose and the death of a teenage girl from a fentanyl overdose.

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Detectives arrested Terrebonne on the day the teenage girl died. Later, they captured Larose residents Anthony Francis, 21, and Sergio Perez, 18, in connection with the case.

The suspects were all accused of selling drugs. Terrebonne and Francis were granted bail releases in November 2022, while Perez is still housed at the Lafourche Parish Correctional Complex.

The night before the 15-year-old girl died, the girl bought what she believed to be a Percocet pill from Terrebonne, according to the investigators.

Investigators discovered that the tablet consisted of only fentanyl. Her death was caused by a drug overdose, according to an autopsy performed by the Lafourche Parish Coroner’s Office.

She had a significant concentration of fentanyl in her blood at the time of her death, according to a toxicology study.

Detectives secured a warrant for Terrebonne’s second arrest for second-degree murder after learning of these findings. On 25 January 2023, detectives discovered Terrebonne and arrested him on the same day.

Police issued a warrant for him for second-degree murder, and he was checked into the Lafourche Parish Correctional Complex. Bail is reportedly set at $500,000.

Blayne Terrebonne
Blayne Terrebonne was arrested a second time on 25 January 2023 after a toxicology test revealed a significant concentration of fentanyl in the dead girl’s blood. (Image Source: Daily Comet)

Blayne Terrebonne Might Face A Mandatory Life Prison Sentence

It has been reported that Blayne might face a mandatory life sentence if found guilty.

However, it is just an assumption. The investigation is ongoing. Also, the court hearing date still needs to be set.

Further detail about the suspect and victim has been kept confidential for security purpose. Neither conviction nor life sentence for the responsible person will bring the 15-year-old girl.

However, justice is the last thing we can provide her. Hopefully, it will be served soon.

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What is Fentanyl? Why Is It So Dangerous?

As reported by Daily Comet, Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that is fifty times stronger than heroin and a hundred times more potent than Morphine.

Initially developed as a pain killer for surgery and Cancer, the drug dealers manufactured illicit fentanyl to lace other substances because of its extreme potency.

As a result, it became a drug that is cheaper, addictive, and more dangerous. Recently, Fentanyl overdose deaths have skyrocketed. Over 150 Americans die each day from fentanyl and synthetic opioid overdoses.

Symptoms of fentanyl overdose are slowed respiration, reduced blood pressure, nausea, fainting, seizures, and death.

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