Ben Renick Wikipedia And Age: How Old Was The Snake Breeder? Wife Lynlee Renick

World-renowned snake breeder Ben Rennick was found dead in June 2017. Today we are going to talk about his age and his wife Linley Rennick.

Snake keeper Ben Rennick was found dead in June 2017. The suspicious death of Ben Rennick received a lot of attention, and his death was widely reported.

When Rennick was found dead at one of the facilities, officials suspected one of the snakes had escaped and killed him. But then things took a different turn and Renick was shot dead.

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The news is back in the spotlight as The Secret of Snake Farm chronicles the tragic murder. After years of investigation, it turns out that his widowed wife was behind his murder plot.

Ben Rennick’s Wikipedia and Age: How Old Are Snake Breeders?

Ben Rennick is 29 years old at the time of his death. This snake breeder has been interested in snakes since childhood. To fulfill his dream, in 2010 he founded Renick Reptiles Inc.

In addition, Renick sold snakes to buyers all over the world, from England to Japan. At an early age, Rennick was raised by his parents along with his younger brother Sam on a farm in New Florence, Missouri.

Ben Rennick Wikipedia
Ben Rennick, a snake breeder, has died at the age of 29. (Source: Daily Star)

Ben, on the other hand, specializes in giant ball pythons and anacondas. He even sold those designer boas for big bucks.

At the time of his death, Rennick had sold part of his python farming business to NHL player Robin Lehner. Thanks to his work, Renick earned a lot of money.

The property Rennick lives in has since sold for nearly $800,000. Reinick’s net worth is said to be $2 million.

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Explore the married life of Ben Rennick and wife Lynley Rennick

Ben and Linley Rennick met as teenagers and reunited in 2011. After getting to know each other for a while, they decided to date and take their relationship to the next level.

And Ben and Linley got married in 2014. Before long, they had a child. Additionally, Linley helped Ben on the snake farm.

Ben Rennick's wife
Ben Rennick married his wife Linley Rennick in 2014. (Source: CBS News)

After that, their marriage deteriorated. They also founded her second company, Ascensia Spa Inc. However, due to financial difficulties, the company’s management did not go well.

After about three years of marriage, Lin Lee cheated on her husband with at least two men. A message between the two suggested that Ben was suspicious. Relations between the two have also deteriorated.

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Ben Rennick murder update: Where is his wife Linley Rennick now?

In June 2017, Ben Rennick was shot dead at a reptile farm near New Florence. Police initially believed one of the pythons was responsible for his murder, but witnesses came forward to criticize information about his wife Lynley Rennick.

Prosecutors in Linley’s 2021 murder trial told jurors that Linley killed her husband to save her $1 million life insurance policy, save her spa business and escape a broken marriage.

Linley Rennick
After Linley Rennick was sentenced to prison. (Source: The Sun)

Rennick asked his ex-girlfriend, Michael Humphrey, to take part in the murder plot, and he was reportedly the one who pulled the trigger. As a result, Renric was convicted of first-degree murder and an armed crime.

Linley was sentenced to 16 years in prison in January 2022, according to reports. Therefore, we can say that she is now. She spent time at the Chillicothe Women’s Correctional Center in Livingston County, Missouri.

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