Basikal Lajak Case: Sam Ke Ting Father- Meet Her Mother And Family

After the news of Sam Ke Tinh’s incident spread, many people wondered about Sam Ke Tinh’s father.

The Court of Appeal (COA) overturned the 2017 conviction of store clerk Sam Khe Tin, who was convicted of careless driving that killed eight teenagers on a “basikal rajak” or modified bicycle.

Sam was sentenced to life in prison in Cambodia and her family has been trying to bring her back to Singapore ever since. However, in recent events Sam was released from prison and she is now back with her family.

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The woman appealed, and a three-member panel chaired by Judge Hadalia Said Ismail overturned her conviction and prison sentence. The decision was made unanimously.

Sam Ke Tin’s story is a reminder that one wrong decision can change a person’s life forever.

The Basikal Rajak Affair: What Did Sam Khe Tin Do?

At around 3:20 am on February 18, 2017, Sam collided with 30 young people riding an illegally modified bike, a “Basikar Rajak”, whose handlebars were parallel to the saddle, on his way home, killing eight and injuring eight.

Sam Khe Tin speaks to reporters at the Malaysian Court of Appeals in Putrajaya on April 11, 2023. (Source:

The Murray Mail reported that Sam was riding a bike that was going backwards on a dimly lit three-lane road in the mountains, driving uphill toward the teenagers and knocking them over the back of the hill.

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She wasn’t drinking or on the phone at the time, so I confirmed she was driving within the speed limit. She has now been acquitted twice in this case.

Meet Sam Ke Tin’s father and mother

Information about Sam Ke Tin’s father and mother has not been revealed.

Sam Ke Tin’s parents may have intentionally kept a low profile to avoid media attention. They may want to keep their personal life separate from their daughter’s legal matters and may not want reporters to interview or photograph them.

This may be due to relationship strains or other personal issues that are not publicly known.

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Overall, it is unclear why there is no information about Sam Ke Tin’s father and mother. They may have chosen to keep it a secret, or they might not have gotten involved in his daughter’s story.

Sam Ke Tin released

Sam Khe Tin, a Malaysian woman who attacked a group of cyclists in Johor state early in the morning and killed several people, has been released after an appeal.

With attorney Muhammad Faizal Mokhtar and secretary Sam Ke Tin. (Source: theedgemarkets)

Sam Ke Tin, 28, was sentenced in April 2022 to six years in prison and a fine of RM6,000 (around S$1,817) for causing the deaths of eight teenagers through careless or dangerous driving after the Johor Bahru High Court overturned an initial acquittal.

Judge Hadarya Saeed Ismail, chairman of the panel, said Sam was released after the sentence and fine were reversed.

A panel hearing is the last opportunity to bring the case to trial, and subsequent appeals are not permitted.

The jury said Sam’s appeal was upheld because the charges and conviction were “not in accordance with the law.”

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She added that it was unreasonable for the High Court to convict Sam in the first place, even though she claimed the 2022 tragedy was “inevitable.”

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